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Review: Going for Four - Erin Nicholas

For those of you that follow me here or on Twitter or Facebook, you know that Erin Nicholas is one of my favorite authors. So when she sent me this one in her Counting on Love series, you know I had to drop what I was doing to read this. And read I did. Late into the night until my eyes betrayed me and wouldn't stay open, then started back up the next morning until I finished it a couple hours later. I may have ignored my boys and let them play and watch tv all morning too. :)

So we have Cody Madsen, Conner Dixon's best friend, and Olivia Dixon, Conner's baby sister whom he is very protective of. There has always been a spark between the two but after a naughty kiss around baking some cookies, they both decided, for different reasons on both ends, that it would be best not to pursue anything between them because of Conner. At this point, I was really feeling for them both. The sexual tension between the two was practically jumping off the pages. And not just the sexual tension but you could tell that they genuinely liked and respected each other and enjoyed being in the other person's company. Which led them to their agreement that they can only be friends. Neither wants to dampen the other person's relationship with Conner. This goes ok for almost two years until there is an incident where Cody accidentally sees Olivia naked. Then a decision is made that they each go on a blind dating site to be set up on dates, much to Cody's dislike. But whether it be fate or something else, they find themselves at the same places each time when they went on their dates. And the story only gets better and better from here.

From reading the previous three books in this series, I was really looking forward to Cody and Olivia. Olivia was always the quiet, reserved one and Cody seemed like a great guy so I knew they would be great together but wanted to know why they weren't together. I mean come on. Who wouldn't want to date the fire chief? AND he bakes. Yes, you read that right. He bakes with Olivia all the time. And not just because she likes to but he does too. That is sexy! And did I mention the whole fire chief thing already? I did? Well let me say it again. FIRE CHIEF- which means sexy, muscular, in charge man. YUM. We get to see Cody in action at some scenes too. A few even had me cringing and speeding up my reading to see what happens. Thanks for almost giving me a heart attack a few times Erin. I really appreciate it. :p

Throughout this book, I was in the background routing and doing the whole whoop whoop arm pumping, cheering on thing, hoping it would help bring Cody and Olivia together. I was definitely whooping when Olivia put Conner in his place. In front of a very interesting club no less. GOING FOR FOUR was everything I expected and more. So if you want to read an addicting story about how two best friends fall hard and fast for each other, pick up a copy today! And you might as well go pick up the others in the series because it is AWESOME!! I hope y'all get addicted just like me! :)

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