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Delicate Freakin' Flower by Eve Langlais

Have I been living under a rock all this time? Like, seriously. How have I not read this series before! I am kicking myself but I am playing catch up and I am officially in love with this series.

Naomi doesn't want a shifter for a mate. At all. In fact, she has it in her head that she is going to date and marry a human because they are safe, boring, and won't break all her things (like her brother's and father do). When she's talked into going to a shifter lacrosse game by her best friend, Francine, she finds she can't tear her eyes away from two players. And when she her eyes clash with the biggest player on the team Ethan (a Kodiak bear shifter), she sees stars. No, really. She's beamed in the head by the ball because Ethan missed it because he couldn't break his hold on their gaze. This is when the books starts getting awesome. Poor Ethan is so upset that he's hurt her because he's pretty sure she's his mate. He even brings her flowers, which she promptly chucks in his face. And when she turns to chew out the snickering jaguar, Javier, behind the hulking bear, she's floored with the rush of emotions she feels when she looks in his eyes. And then the metaphorical cat and mouse game begins.

Naomi is definitely not an easy woman, or bitch as Francine calls her (she is a wolf after all), to handle. She thinks she knows what she wants and it's not the two men claiming to both be her mates. But who wouldn't want to be claimed by these two? I was hoping and wishing they would be real and decide I was theirs. I would be a-ok with that! On one hand, you have Javier. Smooth-talking, panty dropping jaguar shifter. He's know to be quite the ladies man and even admitted it himself, but after one look at the spitfire, Naomi, and he was a goner. And OMFG Ethan. Where Javier is smooth and suave, Ethan is simple, protective, and a man of few words. And he has such a mushy heart I just about turned to mush myself! Honestly, Javier won me over by the end but I would have been head over heels in love with Ethan from the start. *swoon*

Another thing I loved about this series is Naomi's family and close friend, Francine. They are this destructive bunch but you can tell from the word go that they are tight and would do anything for each other. I loved the mother too. She's this tiny slip of a woman and every male in that household is terrified of making her mad. I want to see her kick someone's ass in a book. It would be hilarious. And we also get to know a few of the brothers more than the others and we can see how protective they are of their sister. I just loved it!

And I just loved this story. I'm quickly coming to realize that any book of Eve's I have to read at home or I get the "you're crazy" looks while out in public from laughing out loud. There was this one part where Naomi was making fun of Chris and was playing a tiny violin. I was laughing hysterically and was getting the side eye from my cat. Lol. I cannot wait to read more of this series. They are FREAKIN' awesome!!


  1. I couldn't agree with you more about Ethan!!! I mean, I'm a super sucker for a bear shifter, but Ethan really took the cake!! I love your review and I will share it around for ya :)

  2. I've only read one bear shifter story and that was Kerrelyn Sparks vampire series. I want Ethan to myself! Lol. Thanks for sharing! I have Jealous and Freakin' going up tomorrow. :)

  3. Then you MUST read Bunny and The Bear - ALSO by Eve :) That's my abso favorite!! That's the first one I can think of... now it's going to strain my brain. Honey & The 3 Bears, by Honey Jans was pretty ok. Now I'll think more....

  4. I've seen people posting it everywhere today and I want to read it. Maybe I can get on my knees and beg Eve when I'm done with this series. :)

  5. Ahhh I so need to read this one Crystal! Whew boy between those two. Yeah I'd be wishing they were real too. I freaking LOVE the kitteh shifters and then that protective kinda silent type so works for me too. I've been reading on her FUC series then started the Freakn' series with the last book. lol So going a bit backwards there.

  6. They definitely are uber hot when because they both are protective and alpha. LOVE it! I've only read the Doe and the Wolf from that series. I am really liking this one though. Of course I definitely want to read the FUC series when I'm done with this one.