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Two Times as Hot (Oklahoma Nights #2) by Cat Johnson

How can I write a review about a Cat Johnson book and not go all fangirl about it?!?! I've read One Night with a Cowboy and loved it. I knew Two Times as Hot was going to be just a great! Now I do have to say that at first I was a little confused by the blurb because I thought Emma was going to have two men in a relationship with her but you know what? I am completely ok with being a little confused. Lol!

Want to know why I had no issues with being slightly confused? One word...Logan. Yes. That fine specimen of a man completely turned my mind to jello. I love men in uniform and Logan definitely got grouped into this category. I loved how when Jace had staked a claim, even though he clearly didn't deserve to do so, on Emma, Logan did the honorable thing and hung back but all bets were off at Tucker and Becca's wedding after Jace stands Emma up. And let me tell you, the sparks flying off those two were scorching my virtual pages! These two definitely have chemistry that I was happy they explored.

There were some hiccups in their relationship, like a health issue with Logan's, that could have been a factor of needing space, but Emma had some major motivation to want to be with Logan, other than the fact that he is one piece of a man. ;) There was also the small fact of Jace kept popping in but he was only a minor blip.

As with any Cat Johnson read, there is humor that always makes the books enjoyable but we also got to see a decent amount of the characters from the previous book which I loved. It's always nice to see the interactions and to see that the HEA we read previously is going strong. :) I can't wait until I can read the next in the series (got a snippet at the end of this book) but it's soooooooo far away! Boo!! I guess I'll have to put the big girl panties on and at least act like I can be patient.


  1. Mmmmm Logan. lol He really was one fine hunk of hero. Loved this one too. Can't flipping wait for the next one :)

  2. I loved Logan. I love military men and cowboys so he was a good combo. Have you seen that she has an excerpt for the next one up on her blog today!