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Turn and Burn by Lorelei James

I love any Lorelei James romance I can get my hands onto and I'm pretty sure if I ever meet her I will go complete fangirl and faint, or at least stutter like I have a speech impediment. So of course when I was able to read the latest in the Blacktop Cowboys series I was doing my happy sitting dance that always gets weird looks from the almost four-year-old.

We have Tanna Barker and August "Fletch" Fletcher meeting and having a panties dropping, headboard hitting the wall, no holds barred one-night stand. They exchanged no names or info because they were never supposed to see each other again. Problem is, Fletch cannot stop thinking about the previous night and how he was an idiot for not getting her name and phone number. Upon helping out in some cattle branding, he is literally stopped in his tracks when he sees the very woman who has been driving his mind crazy with want. It gets beyond scorching beyond this point when Fletch basically demands that she will be his. Love me a domineering man!

Tanna is a bit of a lost soul. She has not been having the best of years. Her mother unexpectedly passes away which leaves a gaping hole the size of her home state of Texas in her heart. And because her mother is no longer in the picture, her father, who never really wanted anything to do with Tanna or her brother, ups and remarries and sells the beloved ranch she has always called home. And because everything happens in threes, she injures herself and finds herself with nowhere to go while trying to decide what the next step in her life will be. After having to be pushed, she faces the fears that hold her back. But the ways she went about it hurt Fletch at the same time. Are they strong enough to fight through it? Of course because there is always a HEA, but their route to happiness was definitely captivating.

Can't wait to read the next installment of the Blacktop Cowboys!

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