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Spotlight: Bring the Heat-Boxed Set

And here is a quick, SMEXY excerpt from Cari Quinn's JINGLE BALL:

“What the hell is going on?” Cole sounded as bewildered as Wendy felt.
“This is between me and my secretary, Warner.” Even in the shadowy darkness, the weight of Des’s stare burned Wendy’s skin.
“Then why I am here?” Cole snapped.
“Because you’re the one who’s going to discipline her for touching herself in your chair.” Before Wendy could pick her mouth up off the floor, Des stepped forward and wrapped his hand around her jaw, tilting her face up to his. His nostrils flared and she had the errant thought that he could smell her arousal, now trickling hotly onto her thighs. “You have the choice to leave now. If you do, this stops here. Otherwise go kneel where I told you.”
Her heartbeat reverberated in her ears. She couldn’t process what was happening, especially since she could still hear the animated voices and cheerful Christmas music just outside the door.
Out there, life was still normal. In here, nothing made sense.
“Des, you’re scaring her.” Cole laid a restraining hand on Des’s shoulder, which he promptly shook off. “Perhaps you misunderstood what you saw.”
“Did I?” Des asked quietly.
She wanted to lie so badly. To make all of this end. But part of her…didn’t. That part of her yearned to see what lurked behind door number two.
“No,” she whispered.
“You chose to do that in here, in Cole’s chair. You must’ve wanted to be caught. Was that your plan? For Cole to catch you?”

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