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Quickie: Connected by the Sea by E.L. Todd

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So this is my first foray into the New Adult world. (That's if you don't count the book I professionally edited.) It's definitely...interesting. Let me explain what exactly I mean.

This book had a great story and plot. Sydney plays her cards close to her chest when it comes to opening herself up to hurt again. We can thank a cheating boyfriend for that. There is a guy she has her eye on but he doesn't seem to notice her and she wants to keep it that way because she instinctively knows he's a bad boy that will hurt her. What she doesn't see is that her best friend, Henry, is utterly in love with her. Maybe it's her being a book smart person that her common sense side isn't kicking in but how could she not see this?

She got a pleasant surprise when Coen, the "bad boy" she had her eye on, needed some tutoring and being that she is the student with the highest grade, she was tasked to help. Apparently Coen was very good at hiding his feelings because he wasted no time getting Sydney on a date. I really like Coen. A lot. He was very down to earth and didn't worry about what other people thought about him.

And he was very patient with Sydney when it came to how best to deal with the situation with Henry. Quite frankly I felt that he was a little too patient. This is where the book started plucking at my nerves a bit. I think it was mainly Sydney that annoyed me. How she handles it makes her come off as immature and I know that not a lot of women her age would have handled it differently. Even with that blip in the story, I liked how it all wrapped up in the end. Well, that was fixed but the rest of the story continues on to the second in the series. I definitely want to know what happens with her family coming to visit. Review to come soon for that!

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