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Pets and Ghosts…Can Your Pet Sense Spirits? by Joya Fields (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Today we have the wonderful Joya Fields stopping by Redheads today. If you aren't familiar with Joya's books, you need to go get one immediately, or enter the giveaway below. She is AWESOME! She's talking about pets and if they can see spirits. I'm pretty sure the animals at my parents saw stuff all the time. I know I did!


Have you ever been quietly minding your own business—watching TV or reading a book—when your pet suddenly jumps up and starts barking at a spot in the room? Or growls? Or maybe even wags its tail at something unseen to you? Does it freak you out, or are you one of those people who believe animals are more in touch with their senses?

In one of our former homes, our dog would growl, her hair would stand on end, and then she would bark—you know that “whole body” sort of bark—at something at the end of the hallway. We never saw anything, but I have no doubt she saw something.

The same thing would happen at a certain spot behind the sofa in our family room. The dog would be fast asleep, and then suddenly jump to all fours, intent on barking at a spot. The same spot every time, too. At first, I thought it might be a shadow caused by something in the room. But it wasn’t just at night that the dog would be agitated, it was during the day, too. If it could be blamed on shadows, the shadows were surely different in daylight, right?

Do animals sense this sort of thing because nobody’s told them it’s “not socially acceptable” to see ghosts, or are their senses honed better than humans? If a dog can be trained to sense a seizure coming on in order to be a guide companion, isn’t that proof that animals can sense things that we can’t?

In my latest contemporary romance, Sidelined Afterlife, there’s a ghostly twist to the plot. Veronica, the heroine, is psychic. She sees spirits when nobody around her does. But…through their connection to her, others start to believe. Can it be the same way with animals? If we pay attention to what they see or sense, might we be able to expand/suspend our beliefs, too?

I don’t know for sure whether animals can see ghosts or not, but one thing’s for sure. If there were one time I’d really like to be able to interpret what my dog was saying, it would be when she barked at something she obviously saw, but I didn’t.

Does you pet bark (or meow, chirp, etc.) at an empty spot as if someone or something is there? I’d love to hear about it!

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