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Review: Someone Else's Skye by Christine Wenrick

I have to say something first and foremost. I am so glad Christine found my blog and asked if I would review her first book in her The Charmed series. I wouldn't have been able to read this awesome spinoff!
Alright, so Someone Else's Skye pretty much picks up right after the ending of The Charmed Fates which was, one hell of an ending. If you y'all haven't read this series yet, you don't know what you're missing. Of course you can read Someone Else's Skye and not be left off, but it does give you a bit more of an insight as to what happened to the characters in the past. That and it's an outstanding series and I highly recommend it.
So we have the entirely too sexy shifter, Kane, as our book boyfriend this go round. In the previous books in The Charmed series, he is a complete playboy and will sleep with pretty much anything of age with a pair of legs and boobs. One of his latest...let's call them ladies...had another issue with one of the other ladies he was having some sexy time with and a big catfight broke out. As a punishment for what I'm going to call the last straw, he is tasked to find out what is happening up north where a load of unknown supernatural stuff is going on. Not happy at all with this outcome, his tune definitely changes when he spots the hottest thing on two legs he has ever seen in his life. Too bad she was nothing to do with his...legs.

Skye has a mission she is required to complete. Unfortunately, she finds herself in the path of the supernatural being more than once and in the path of a shifter that utterly oozes sex by just breathing. It's kind of hard to get the job done when all you can think about is the possible hot sex that could be had but she was more determined to make her father proud. She just has to convince Kane that he can trust her.

I knew this book was going to be good but Christine knocked it out of the park with her twists and turns. The ending of the book had my jaw on the floor from the twist she threw in there. She's really good at that and I love it (almost) every time. (If you've read The Charmed series, the third book had some surprises that had me actually saying out loud, "no!") I cannot wait until the second in the series comes out. I've been waiting for Alec's HEA for four books!

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