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Tour: Interview with Ginny Lurcock and Giveaway!!

Crystal - Tell us a little about yourself and your book.

Ginny - I never know how to start with these questions... So I'll go with:

Despite not really enjoying much in the way of horror movies, or even watching all that many growing up, I grew up with this innate love of all things monster. I blame Vincent Price. The older (and more awkward) that I got, the more I used to think of how awesome it would be to be paranormal. To have super powers or be a vampire... and thankfully I'm able to claim that this is all normal because I'm an author. (Being an author is great, you really should try it.)

Bad Blood is kind of an extension of that. You know, the thinking of how awesome it would be to be in a paranormal world. Except, the opposite. Which makes absolutely no sense, so let me try again. One day I was thinking "you know... I think if vampires were real, I would not take the news well." And thus Bad Blood was born.

I see you are a new author, how did you come about writing?

Actually, I used to write in the long long ago but I got some bad career advice. The urge to create never really went away, and when I was at home after giving birth to my daughter I was reading some book and kept thinking “I can do better than this…” (I remember the name, but won’t thrash the author so don’t ask. Plus I don’t want to be told I didn’t do better :P)

I know you mentioned your book has teenagers and reads like a New Adult. What made you write it like this as compared to a New Adult paranormal romance?

Well when I was getting ready to publish it, no one knew what New Adult was… so we were describing it as “upper YA” and I just couldn’t seem to break the habit. Plus a lot of “New Adult” I’ve read lately has been smut with early 20 somethings. And don’t get me wrong, I enjoy smut… but I felt it was important to point out that Tori does not go bump in the night.

Since I had to cut the scene where she comes close…

What is your writing process like in a normal day? Do you have to sit in complete silence, or do you have to have background music or noise of some sort?

I find I focus better writing on my lunch break at work since I don’t have all my shiny toys. At home, I really need the TV off and usually music on to get focused. Once I get started though, it takes a force of nature to get me to stop.

Or writer’s block.

Fun Questions:

Favorite Movie

I can't tell you. It's one of my secret question answers. But the one I always remember AFTER I answer that question is "The Princess Bride."

Favorite TV show

Right now... any of those shows with the animal cops.

Favorite Book

My all time favorite book is "The Westing Game" which took my normal love of reading and kicked it into hyperdrive

Do you have any special/secret talents, say burping the abc’s while jumping up and down? Lol.

I asked my husband and he said I can't talk about them in public. So glaring really hard can also be added to the list. Coming up with random ideas (so many story ideas), taking things too far (there was this prank that involved hot peppers in soda cans... someone stopped me before I could), and turning things into a dirty joke (there was nothing for me to put into parenthesis here, but I didn't want "turning things into a dirty joke" to feel slighted.)

And last but not least, this is a question I like to ask all my authors on my site and it’s very important…Boxers or briefs?

I prefer boy shorts.

Oh you meant on dudes?

Tons o' links: (my personal page where I post random nothings... but I'm usually good for a laugh... Or getting a song stuck in your head)

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