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Tour: Getting Rowdy by Lori Foster

Soooooo...ROWDY!!! From book one, Run the Risk, I knew Rowdy was something special. When I got the official email asking if I wanted on this tour I was doing horrible dance on the couch that made my oldest son ask if I was ok. LOL! I am in love with this series and have been itching to get my hands on this story what feels like FOREVER.

We start with Rowdy taking care of business in the bar that he bought. It had a rough crowd working there but he has cleaned house and only kept the ones that weren't up to no good. That includes the intriguing, redhead Avery. Hell yeah, a redhead!! ;) That just makes her automatically awesome in my eyes and I was hoping that she lived up to the standards I set for her in my mind and am happy to say we were on the same level. I only expect the best for Rowdy since I can't exactly hop in the book myself...oh and that other pesky fact that I'm married. Whoops!

Anyways, in usual Lori fashion, the suspense factor is usually in the forefront but our focus for this story was the Rowdy and Avery. I really enjoyed how everything is paced. Nothing felt rushed which it's nice to have our lovers have a HEA quickly but to me, that's all it is. Nice. It's not realistic unlike what we read between Rowdy and Avery. The things they went through in this book only made them stronger and come to trust in the other person. This is only good news when we learn what skeletons Avery is hiding (which, by the way, was just horrible!). You can feel the love jumping from the pages and make you yearn for what they have. I loved every second of their love story and definitely would read it again if I had the time.

Lori, of course, makes sure we get to do a little catching up with our previous books' heroes and heroines and hints at the next book in the series with Logan's brother Dash and Lt. Margaret "Margo" Peterson. And we meet a new, very alluring man who goes by the name Cannon. I can't wait to read the rest of the series and if you have any reservations, just trust me and start at the beginning. It's not necessary to read this series in order but it is such a great series not to.

And before I get to the giveaway, woot! woot!...have y'all seen the book trailer? It's hot!


So about this giveaway. Leave your answer to the question below in the comments. Giveaway ends 10/13/13 at 11:59pm. Good luck! :)

Is there a favorite Lori Foster novel you could read over and over?


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  2. I have not read any of Lori Foster's books, but from all I have read about them I defiantly need to.

  3. I love all her stuff. I started off reading her Buckhorn series first because a used bookstore was going out of business and it was dirt cheap (and clearly had seen better days) and I snatched every one of her books up. I have a bunch of her other books to that I have yet to read. If I had a full weekend to myself I would sit down and read one after another. *sigh* Now I want to go read one. Lol.

    Thanks for stopping by Carolyn!

  4. Hi Crystal! I just love Lori's books, especially her SBC Fighter series. Couldn't put them down once I started reading them! I totally agreed with you, if I had more hours in a day, I would totally read them one after another! ;-) Can't wait to read Rowdy's story, I've heard so many good things about this book!

  5. I have to say "Back in Black" is my favorite out of all of Lori Foster's books. Gillian and Drew's story is definitely one I could read over and over again!