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I Think I've Gone Crazy

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So I have taken a big leap of faith and am starting a new adventure for myself. Since finding myself engrossed in the romance book community the past two years, I have done everything from blogging, beta reading/editing, to graphic design. The one thing I haven't really tried has been writing. Well, that's not entirely true. The past year I have started a few book plans but have never gotten very far into the writing aspect. But lo and behold I had a super detailed story pop into my head. Almost every aspect of the storyline came to me in under a day. I've been developing the characters and I can say that I feel like I may actually have a story.


So wish me luck on my adventure. I think I'm going to need it. Oh and if y'all are interested, here is the cover. :)


Far From Home


  1. Good luck Crystal! You can do it! The hot man on the cover should be plenty of inspiration. *winks*

  2. Thanks Jessie! I really love my cover. When I was thinking it out and looking around I saw him and had to have that yummy specimen on my cover. :)