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Review: She's the One (Counting on Love #1) by Erin Nicholas

So I am quite the Erin Nicholas fan. Especially her Bradfords series. I can honestly say that I was a bit depressed when that series ended but guess what folks? There's a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of the Counting on Love series! *does horrible cabbage patch kid dance* When Erin offered this up for a review I jumped on it like a dying person needing one last breath. I would do anything for more of the Bradfords. She's the One has our beloved characters making appearances throughout the book which made me happy, happy, happy! (Yay Duck Dynasty! Lol!) But you know what I loved best about this fantastic start to what has turned out to be my next Erin Nicholas crack? It deals with another family of siblings and has the same feel as my beloved Bradfords!


Amanda was known for her wild side but had suppressed those urges to walk that line when something she had done in the past caused a load of disappointment with her brother. Not wanting to put anymore shame to their family name and her brother's reputation, she decides to tone herself down and become more responsible. But after Ryan, the man that she and every other woman has been lusting over, comes to her and propositions her for a night of passion, she can't resist. Her and Ryan make an agreement not to let her older brother know since he made it perfectly clear that none of his friends will be dating his sisters ever. And since Ryan is his best friend, the poo would hit the ceiling real quick. But that one night of sizzling love was not enough for either and they were constantly coming back for more. And we all know what happens when a man and a woman start out as friends and move into the friends with benefits zone...the friendships start to morph into love. And how sweet it is to see their love grow!


Can I tell you what else grew? My love for Ryan. Why you ask? Let's see, 1) He's a paramedic so he's in a uniform and men in uniform and saving lives at the same time are sexay! 2) He plays football. Football equals muscles and muscles equals he can tackle me to score anytime. ;) 3) He's not one of those guys that had an attitude to back up his smokin' good looks. He's a great friend that is nice to everyone, even after being punched in the face. I loved how he knew that Amanda needed to let loose and did the things that she wanted to do and enjoyed it. Everyone needs a man that doesn't make an issue out of doing the things a woman wants to do, even when it's silly. It enabled them to really be themselves with that person and it allows them to have a deeper love. So you best believe I rooted hard for my loveable Ryan. :)


You can read this book as the start of the series and I definitely do, but I also recommend going back and reading the Bradford series too. You will end up loving both! I know I did! So I applaud you, Erin, for feeding my obsession. Keep popping them out as fast as you can!


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