Hello lovelies! Please bear with me while I make the transition back from WordPress to Blogger. I need to go through and insert images and do some more tweaks.

We're Moving!!

You read that right. We are going to be making the move to Wordpress very soon. That is as soon as I figure out how to get it done. Lol. Me and technology don't mix very well. As soon as the wonderful people at Godaddy can tell me what is going wrong, the countdown will begin! :)

As of right now, I will be holding off on all posts here until I can get the new site up and running. Once that is good to go, then I will be able to get back into the game. Thank you all in advance for hanging in there while I make this transition. You guys rock!

So check back here soon for the green light for our fresh start!


  1. Sometime ago, I set up a Wordpress acct because I was thinking about moving there. I wrote them and asked if I could transfer my blog there or would I have to start over. I was told I simply had to export my blog out and import it into Wordpress. It should be that simple with fine tuning once you get it there. Good Luck and I look forward to seeing the new place! Moving always has an atmosphere of excitement. : )

  2. Thanks Amy! I actually just got off the phone with Godaddy and the issue I was having was so simple I am just shaking my head at myself. He said I should be up and able to start changing things in about an hr. Excited to get started!!

  3. Looking forward to see your new blog and also to know how the change went! I am also thinking about moving to workpress so I'll check you out!!!! :)