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Tour: Rubenesque Rapture by Rose Wynters (Guest Post/Giveaway)

In my series, The Endurers, these immortal men are complete and total Alphas. Their is nothing weak about them, either physically or mentally. They are driven to get the job done, both in and out of bed!

The heroines in my books are strong women, but not necessarily because they wanted to be. Life has forced them to be strong. They've had to either sink or swim, and their characters are a reflection of this.

Although they come off as strong, inside they are very vulnerable. Being single and lonely is not okay with them, it's just a result of their circumstances. Deep inside, they are hoping to find love with a man that is going to look beyond the surface and see who they really are. After a few trial runs, they've lost hope.

My heroines need what the alpha males represent. They need someone that isn't afraid to take on their issues and fix them. They need someone even stronger than they are to be able to respect them, and even be able to trust them. Someone lukewarm in their feelings and passions would never satisfy them, or the yearnings they have deep inside.

In Rubenesque Rapture, Anna is a BBW (plus-sized heroine) that's extremely unlucky in love. Her one experience involved a good-looking man (think Dennis Quaid in Great Balls of Fire) that swept her off her feet and straight toward Hell. He didn't want her at all, especially not sexually. He just wanted to use her to fulfill his debt to Hell.

So when Shayne sweeps in, looking hot and sexy and interested in her, she doesn't buy it. How on earth could a hot package like him even look twice at her plus-sized body? He doesn't settle for her doubts though. Instead, he takes control and convinces her. Talk is cheap with Shayne. He's all about the action.

Book 2, The Endurers is called Curvaceous Condemnation. In this book, we meet Scarlett. She is a woman that is desperately trying to learn how to live again after the death of her fiance, Niles. Life takes a pretty bad turn when she finds out a demon is after her, determined to take her down into Hell.

Vincent gets the job of protecting her. Despite the erotic passion that flares quickly between them, he's still determined to let her go. He's almost indifferent to her outside of bed, in a time that she desperately needs him. Let's just say Vincent realizes a lot of painful truths during the course of this book.

One of the great things about alpha men is their determination. When they get you in their sights, nothing will stop them. They say that only men enjoy the thrill of the chase, but that's simply not true. What women wouldn't love a gorgeous, powerful male chasing them down?

So if you need a huge dose of Alpha in your life, I think you will find it with The Endurers! I found it positively thrilling to write about them, and I hope you will enjoy reading about them. The Endurers are wild, crazy, and funny. You just never quite know what kind of antics they will get into, but one thing I can promise you.... They never behave!

Thanks so much for having me here at Redheads Review It Better. I've had a blast doing this.

Bachelor’s SpecialTitle: Rubenesque Rapture
Author: Rose Wynters
Series: The Endurers #1
Format: eBook
ISBN: 9781483933078
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release date: April 15th, 2013
Number of pages: 288


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From author Rose Wynters comes an erotic new paranormal series featuring the Endurers. The world is on the very brink of Armageddon. Can these immortal warriors fight the demons infiltrating our world while saving their soul mates?

Hell is hot to get their hands on Anna Andrews, determined to use her plus-sized body for breeding purposes. Attacked by demons in her remote cabin in Alaska, she is sure there is no way out until a mysterious Endurer rescues her at the last moment. He’s been sent to get her to safety in Las Vegas, but he never counted on the sexual attraction that flares immediately between them.

Shayne McLoughlin was born in the 1400’s and lived as a Monk until a brutal attack destroyed his entire family, changing his life forever. Now an immortal Endurer that protects humanity from demonic beings, he expects his next assignment to be like any other. Until he meets the rubenesque beauty he has been sent to protect.

On the race to reach the safety of Las Vegas, they discover an explosive attraction that can’t be ignored. He can battle the demons that want her, but can he have victory over the power of her mind? Plagued by her past and an ex-boyfriend that used her in an attempt to satisfy his debt to Hell, Anna finds it hard to believe this gorgeous man is serious about her.

As the very world stands on the cusp of Armageddon, Shayne is determined to have this full-figured beauty at any cost. There isn’t any rule he won't break to claim Anna and keep her. Danger follows their every step as passion ignites at every turn. Is it a battle this Endurer can win?


Without taking his gaze away from her, he hooked her clothing from the table beside him with one hand. In one smooth move, he lightly tossed them in front of her. “I thought you might sleep more comfortable that way.” 

He knew his heated gaze was making her flustered, and it amused him. She was damn lucky they wouldn’t be alone together for much longer. Anything longer than that, and her virginity would be a thing of the past. 

“How did I get in here anyhow?” 

He smiled. “How do you think?” 

She was fuming. “You expect me to believe that you carried me in all by your little bitty self?” she asked sarcastically, gesturing towards her body. Granted, Shayne was extremely tall and muscled, but there was no way he could be that strong. Unfortunately for her, the last thing she remembered was falling asleep on the ride. 

His heated gaze dropped down to her breasts hidden beneath the sheet. They were swollen, her nipples sensitive against the material of the sheet. His eyes slowly traveled back up to her face, nailing her in place with their intensity. “I could carry you with one arm tied behind my back,” he replied with a half-smile. “It would take a lot more than you to make it difficult.” 

“Yeah, right,” she replied bitingly. “Let's cut to the chase, shall we? I'm well aware of my size 24, and it would never be considered easy to carry. I don't have time for your games.” 

With her clothes gathered up in her arms, she looked up at him coldly, “Do you mind?” 

“Not at all,” he drawled, making a princely gesture with his hand, before leaning up against the wall. He looked nonchalant and cool but inside, he was a hotbed of lust so strong he was nearly going up in flames. 

If she stood up and dropped the sheet, he wouldn’t be able to control himself. He’d have her flat on her back with his dick buried in that hot, little pussy before she knew what hit her. His body was alert and ready to spring at a moment’s notice.

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About the Author:

I've always had a love of the paranormal and romance, and I'm a true romantic at heart. I love taking romance to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. The hotter the better! You're going to see some pretty wild and crazy stuff in my books, so be prepared!

When not writing, I enjoy traveling and exploring the mysteries of the world. I also like to camp, swim, and even fish. I'm a firm believer that life is meant to be lived, not passing you by!

I have several books that will be released this year. I'm currently working on Book Two for The Endurers series. Look for it towards the end of May. I will also be releasing a werewolf romance series, and a book contains four short stories regarding a fairy trapped in our world. It's going to get very exciting. 


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  2. Sounds like a very interesting series!