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Review: The Wanderer by Robyn Carr

The WandererTitle: The Wanderer

Author: Robyn Carr

Series: Thunder Point #1

Publisher: Harlequin

Format: eBook

ISBN: 9780778314479

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release date: March 26th, 2013

Number of pages: 384


Nestled on the Oregon coast is a small town of rocky beaches and rugged charm. Locals love the land's unspoiled beauty. Developers see it as a potential gold mine. When newcomer Hank Cooper learns he's been left an old friend's entire beachfront property, he finds himself with a community's destiny in his hands.

Cooper has never been a man to settle in one place, and Thunder Point was supposed to be just another quick stop. But Cooper finds himself getting involved with the town. And with Sarah Dupre, a woman as complicated as she is beautiful.

With the whole town watching for his next move, Cooper has to choose between his old life and a place full of new possibilities. A place that just might be home.

My Thoughts:

Alright so I am normally a fan of B.J. Daniels books but this one just wasn’t doing it for me. I usually find myself riveted to the pages because it has me hooked. There were just so many things that didn’t seem realistic to me that it took me longer than usual to finish this book.

So what were the issues you may ask? Honestly I think it was the people. Well, mainly one person but the other people could have taken off the blinders too. I really don’t want to go too much in depth because I am not here to bash the author. Heavens no! I love her books. This one was just not on the realistic side for me. I think with some character and storyline tweaks it could have been much better and what I have come to expect when I read a B.J. Daniels novel. It wasn’t my cup of tea but someone else might like it so feel free to give it a try or one of Daniels’ other books.


*Please bear with me for my laptop crashed and dummy me didn’t back up my rating scale html (head+desk=thud)*


2 Stars and 1 Flames

I don’t normally post 2 star reads but I felt like I needed to voice my opinion on this one. I hope my next B.J. Daniels read is much better. The rest have been!

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