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Review: The Charmed by Christine Wenrick

The CharmedTitle: The Charmed
Author:  Christine Wenrick
Series: The Charmed Trilogy #1
Publisher:   Red Treehouse Publishing
Format: ebook
ISBN: 9780988206908
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release date: August 29th, 2012
Number of pages: 306
Courtesy of: Author

Olivia Ann Greyson sees only one future for herself—to compose and perform the music she has loved since she was a child. But that future changes in an instant when a commuter train taking her to the city crashes and is attacked by, unbelievably, a coven of vampires! As the rabid creatures feed their thirst on the surviving passengers, Olivia is spared from an unthinkable fate because of the intervention of another vampire—Caleb Wolfe, a figure from her past who, for reasons he doesn't understand himself, would do anything to protect her.

After one familiar touch, Olivia recognizes the man behind the vampire. Soon love, and a powerful supernatural connection, begins to grow between them. But with that connection Olivia starts to notice starling changes happening within herself, and violent events make it clear that the vampire coven which wanted her the night of the train crash won’t stop until they have her. Time is running out for Olivia and Caleb to discover why all this is happening. And the answers they find may painfully tear their new love apart.


Before reading The Charmed, I didn’t know it would be anything resembling the Twilight series. After I read detail in the story, I went to investigate other reviews on trust old Goodreads. I read that there are a lot of resemblances to the famous book series but I actually fairly enjoyed the books (much better than the movies although I have to say I watch for the Taylor Lautner eye candy.) and thought well it’s pretty good so far so I will leave my judgments for the end. Well I didn’t exactly wait for the ending to come to the conclusion that I liked this better than Twilight. Yes, I said it. It’s better than the famed series. I do want to point out that The Charmed just has elements that remind me of it. There are different things that happen during the book but honestly, the characters felt like they weren’t some thrown together ignorant people.

Let’s take the main character, Olivia, for example. She has a very gifted talent of music. She can wield the piano keys with her fingers to create masterpieces or duplicate the originals. What did Bella have as a talent? Second guessing herself and falling. Lol. And the differences in the love interests are not as dramatic but I feel that Caleb is more grown up than Edward. The whole story in general to me has a more adult feel.

So I say give this new author a chance to shine like she deserves. Me, I will be waiting for the second to come out in the next few weeks.


I love finding a new author that leaves me satisfied with her work. Can’t wait to read what comes next!

So there is this scene at the piano…phew! *fans face*

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