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Tour: Patricia Green, Spanking Romance (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Even Characters Listen to Music
by Patricia Green 

Although it's a common question for reviewers to ask me what I listen to (or don't) during my writing hours, no one has ever asked me if my characters had musical interests. To set the record straight, I prefer silence when I write unless someone is making a racket outside my window (like the neighbors' leaf blowers). I have a recording of wind chimes that suffices at those times. It's just enough to distract my ears without distracting my mind.

When I write character profiles (which I do for every character, even secondary ones), I include their eye color, hair color, body shape, and a whole host of other characteristics and personality traits. One of the things I determine for my characters is their favorite song or band. I think you can tell a lot from the music that a person considers important in his/her life.

So for example, Trey Journey, the third son in the Journey family and the hero in the first book in that series, Liv's Journey, likes hard-driving rock and roll. He listens to a variety of songs when he's in more casual setting in the field (he's in the army), but his favorite band is Metallica. Most of his relatives like country music, but he likes songs with maximum energy and lyrics that don't pull any punches. Liv, the heroine of that book, likes pop music, like "California Gurls" by Katy Perry.

Book two, Ace-High Flush, stars the oldest of the Journey men, 38 year old Ace Journey. He likes country music, which suits his role as a rancher in Texas. His favorite song is "Stuck Like Glue" by Sugarland. It touches his fun-loving side and he loves Jennifer Nettles' voice.

Queenie Journey is the fiddle player in a Texas-based band that hasn't hit it big yet. She really enjoys good fiddle music, even though she was classically trained as a violinist. Queenie is good at what she does. Her favorite musician is Mark O'Connor. You can "hear" Queenie's fiddle in her book, Spanking Her Highness. In pop music, she likes "Honey Bee" by Blake Shelton. Her beau, Will Mazie used to be a screenwriter for a television detective show, so he is from Los Angeles. Notwithstanding, he's always wanted to be a rancher. One song he's heard more than a few times at L.A. get-togethers is "I'm Here for the Party" sung by Gretchen Wilson. I think you can guess why.

An interesting note (pun intentional) is Deuce Journey's Latina lady's musical taste. She likes music in Spanish, the language of her family home. Anything by Trio Caliente appeals to her. Deuce and Angie are featured in Deuce's Dancer, the fourth book in the Journey Family series.

My stand-alone erotic spanking romance novella, The Strong, Silent Type tells the story of Drake Stillwater and his love-interest, Mae Weston. Mae has a secret fetish for spanking. She reads x-rated spanking magazines on the sly. Her favorite song is "Hanky Panky" by Madonna. She also listens to Lady Gaga on occasion.

I could go on, but the point is that knowing what your characters' favorite songs or bands are helps you understand them more deeply. It says something about them, even though you will likely never mention their particular music in the book. I think it would be fun to see this kind of question come up in interviews with authors. What do you suppose Carrie, from Stephen King's famous book of the same name, likes to listen to?

Title:  Liv’s Journey:  Book 1

 In the Journey Family Series

Author:  Patricia Green

Publisher:Blushing Books Publications    .

Length:  115 pgs

Sub-Genres:  Erotic, Spanking, Romance



Trey likes to spank and he makes that pretty clear early in their acquaintance by spanking Liv during a walk among the pecan trees. It turns out that Liv likes it, but he holds some back as a reward to be given at a more appropriate time.

Not long after they meet, Liv finds out that spanking isn't always fun—she gets mouthy and disrespectful in front of some of Trey's friends, and he takes her out to his truck to teach her some manners. Unfortunately, while he's spanking her, a paparazzo snaps a photo of her bare-bottomed and face turned toward the camera as she's being spanked.

Liv is mortified and sure that her career will be over if that photo gets published. Trey feels guilty for putting her in that position, not to mention that his commanding officer is displeased with his behavior. They simply must get the rights to the picture so that it can't be published.

Title:  Ace-High Flush:  Book 2

 In the Journey Family Series

Author:  Patricia Green

Publisher:Blushing Books Publications    .

Length:  106 pgs

Sub-Genres:  Erotic, Spanking, Romance



Gabriella Appleby is a struggling young, large-size model who can't quite behave. She tries, but sometimes telling the truth just doesn't seem like the right thing to do. Making foolish choices also seems to be high on her list of to-do items.

Ace Journey is interested in Gabby, and cares about her enough to want to make an indelible impression on her. No one has taught her to behave, and he figures he's the man to do it. Although their New York/New Jersey rendezvous takes him out of his natural element, his ranch in Texas, he's smart and capable, and more than a match for the city streets.

Gabby wants Ace, and Ace wants Gabby. Unfortunately, her errors in judgment lead them to a fork in the road where they must part. Miserable about it, they find that an unlikely matchmaker—billionaire Jonny Chow—steps in to show them just how much they mean to each other.

Title:  Spanking Her Highness:  Book 3

 In the Journey Family Series

Author:  Patricia Green

Publisher:Blushing Books Publications    .

Length:  105 pgs

Sub-Genres:  Erotic, Spanking, Romance



It's another Journey Family story, with all the warm fannies that entails.

Queenie Journey has a trust problem. Her ex-husband left a bad taste in her mouth, and now she's afraid of making emotional attachments to a man. Even a man like her neighbor, the handsome Will Mazie. She's determined to keep him at arm's length.

Will spent many years as a screenwriter in Hollywood, and yet always yearned to be a rancher. He chose Texas because of its friendly residents. Except for his new neighbor, Queenie, who seems to have a big chip on her shoulder where he's concerned.

Getting her rump tanned by Will helps Queenie find her manners, and Will soon falls for the feisty blonde. Circumstances keep getting in the way, and yet they can't keep themselves away from each other. Maybe they aren't meant to.

Title: Deuce’s Dancer  :  Book 4

 In the Journey Family Series

Author:  Patricia Green

Publisher:Blushing Books Publications    .

Length:  110 pgs

Sub-Genres:  Erotic, Spanking, Romance



The next day was spent wind-surfing followed by lazing at the beach until the sun went down. She and Deuce took a boat tour of the nearby reef at sunset, and discussed politics and religion. They had both in common, but they found points on which they differed and it made for a lively conversation. They kissed several times, and Pilar's breasts firmed and her nipples got hard as pebbles under his fingers.

Though Deuce made it very clear that he desired her, that he found her attractive and sexy, he didn't push hard. He was watching her closely, like a jaguar, waiting for the moment that she couldn't stand keeping him away any longer. It was a scary and thrilling thought to consider sleeping with him with no commitment and no future. In this case, what happened in Jamaica would stay in Jamaica.


Excerpt from Liv's Journey by Patricia Green

At first, there was a cool breeze on her bare bottom, as the pecan trees shielded her from the harsh sun. Birds chirped incessantly; it seemed like all the birds in the world came to Texas in the spring. Trey's thighs under her belly were warm and hard and there was a growing lump against her left hip where his excited cock lay tucked into his jeans. As his hand passed over her bottom, Trey hummed softly. It was a sound of pleasure, a calm sound, a controlled sound.

Liv's heart beat faster, knowing what that sound presaged. The humiliation of being bare-assed and over his lap was nothing compared to what was to come.

The sharp retort of the strap on her butt cheeks silenced the birds entirely. Some flew away in fright. And it hurt, but Liv gasped not out of pain but surprise at the sudden smack. Even knowing that it was to come, the exact moment it fell was always one second before it was expected. The first blow was still echoing through her mind when there was a second, third, and fourth. Heat blossomed over her rear and a sharp sting became a bright bloom. She moaned as the count rose above ten, and she couldn't help but squirm.

"Still, angel." His free hand pressed down on her back to keep her steady. She couldn't do it herself. Her body wanted to wriggle away from the pain. Or, parts of it did. Some parts, the parts that sometimes wouldn't heed her better judgment, got wet and slick and very ready for the reward Trey would share with her.

As the count reached twenty-two, tears began to stream from Liv's eyes and her moans became sobs. She wanted this spanking, she knew she both needed and deserved it. Tears would cleanse any lingering feelings of guilt over poor behavior and her reward for taking her punishment would be hot, hotter than her flaming ass.

Liv lost count after twenty-five blows from the strap. She knew her bottom would be striped and fiery red. She'd seen it in the mirror after times like this. Perversely, she wore those stripes like a badge for the day or two they lingered. She'd earned her pleasure. She'd paid for her transgressions. Conflict was over and only sweet contentment remained.

Crying freely, she sobbed and sniffled as the spanking stopped. Trey's big, hot hand glided over her stinging behind reverently, and sometimes a finger would trace one of the welts left by the strap.

"I'm sorry," she said, her voice thick and watery.

His fingers slipped between her legs and found her pool of excitement. Her hot face got hotter. "You gonna be a good girl now and mind when I'm tellin' you to do what you know you should?"

"It's a habit…"

"A habit we need to get you over or you'll be miserable, Liv."

His fingers dipped deeper into her pussy and explored a little. A wave of pure desire washed through Liv's belly.

"Yeah," she agreed, though her mind was on those fingers. They retreated slightly and slid toward her swollen clit. "Please. Trey. Please."

She could hear the smile in his voice as he responded. "Please what?"

The last of her tears dripped onto the leaf-strewn ground. "Please, fuck me."

He rolled her over on his lap and pressed her face against his broad chest. "You'll have to wait until after."

"After! But that's hours from now!"


She looked up into his face, hoping for a teasing look in his brown eyes. The crinkles at the corners told her that he was smiling, even before she noticed his grin. "You can't be serious."

"I am."


He slid his hand up her torso and cupped a full breast, his thumb flicking over her nipple as it pressed against her bra and thin cotton blouse.

"You're being mean."


She growled her frustration and squirmed, her bottom hot and itchy against his denim. One more try. "Please?"

"Nope. After."

Trey did things in his own time, and in his own way. Liv was usually happy about that; she trusted him after all they'd been through. So she'd wait for her reward. After wasn't so far away.


Spanking Her Highness/ - Blushing Books -



Having begun her writing career at the tender age of seven by publishing a poem in a children’s magazine, Ms. Green has spent many years at typewriter and keyboard. She’s the author of 14 published projects (13 ebooks; and one out-of-print traditional book).

Ms. Green resides in the Washington DC area, is married to her best friend, and is the mother of twin daughters.

She is a member of EPIC, the Erotic Author’s Association, and Erotica Readers and Writers Association.

Twitter:  @PatriciaIGreen


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  1. Thank you so much for having me here today! As a fellow redhead, it's a real pleasure.

  2. I'm a wannabe redhead, does that count? :) Loved your post, Patricia! Since I write mostly historicals, I haven't thought too much about music preferences for my characters, though they certainly would have been exposed to the classical music of their respective periods. And maybe some of the street ditties that were popular. I know Stephen King likes heavy metal bands, but Carrie was from a very strict religious household. Wonder if she had a secret penchant for Elvis? LOL

    Congrats on your tour and on your wonderful Journey series. Fantastic books. Your attention to detail certainly pays off in your work!

  3. I was a red head when I was little but it turned dark blond around age 4. I married a red head who turned grey and now bald. My 3rd born is a red head. My 4th born son had really red hair until his first hair cut then it was blond. Now when ever it grows out a bit it gets a red tint until I trim it again.

    Loved the peak at my favorite characters musical tastes.

  4. Thank you, Jenna. Wannabe counts in my book. Let's say you are an "honorary redhead." :) Thank you for your kind words and for coming by to visit.

  5. I love your blog post. I find that you can tell a lot about someone by what type of music they like. I like all kinds and I'm all over the place. :) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Red hair is a cluster of recessive genes (or so my husband with the genetics degree says), so it won't show up unless both your husband and you have the genes, and even then, it'll always have a greater chance to be something else. I suppose if you came from a long line of redheads and your husband did too, then you'll have a pretty good shot at redheaded children. My own girls (twins) have dark blonde hair like my ex-husband.

    Thank you, Katy Beth for your comments. I'm glad you enjoyed the musical interlude. :)

  7. Great blog post! Music can tell a lot about a person and music plays a big part in my family's life...a radio or CD is always playing!

    PS My hubby and my mom are redheads; luckily, hubby and I were blessed with a strawberry blond daughter! BEAUTIFUL!!

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  8. From one natural redhead to another - great excerpts and blurbs. And a very interesting post.Will have to spend some time wondering what Carrie (Stephen King) would listen to. Wonder if he's thought about it?

  9. Trish, this is so incredibly fascinating to me. I'm not sure if I have known of an author to go so throughouly develop their characters right down to their tastes in music--unless they are being used in the book.
    I love this process and thanks for telling us all about it.
    The work and thought you put into developing each character shows by the memorable impressions your characters have the ability to leave the reader with :o)

  10. Although I don't have music on all the time, I really focus on it when I do. I love all kinds, from Gregorian chant, through opera, to rock and country and beyond. Thank you for coming by and commenting!

  11. I know Stephen King has at least one "how to write" type book out there, but I haven't read it. Maybe he writes complete profiles or maybe he's able to keep all the details in his head. In any case, he does one heck of a job. I'm glad you were able to stop by and support us redheads. :)

  12. I write very detailed character sketches. They are often 5 pages long. I have a form I built in MS Word and it has macros and all the gizmos. It helps me be consistent...or as consistent as a flawed human being can make herself. It was good of you to come by and comment. Thank you!

  13. Several of the books I've read had music to go with their characters and I think it helps me see them more clearly. Wonderful post.

  14. I have never thought about a character's music interest. Twould be interesting. Hot excerpt.
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  15. I appreciate your comment, Karen. Thank you for coming by. :)

  16. I try to think of everything about my characters. It's easier to know what they'll say and to get them to the reactions I want for the scene if I know them intimately. LOL Thank you for commenting!

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  21. i picked up some excellent tips with this article. i also was pleased to see some of the techniques i use for keeping track in my writing work are used by other writeers. it's reaffirming that i'm on the right track. i'd never thought about the dimension knowledge of the character's preferred music can add to the story. i don't collect music, i stumble upon it. thanks for the insight and i hope you're enjoying your tour. ttfn.

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