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Sourcebooks Tour: Interview/Giveaway - Goddess in the Middle by Stephanie Julian

Today I have the great pleasure of having Stephanie Julian stop by and let me take a peak inside her world.

Crystal - Hi Stephanie! I absolutely loved your previous book, How to Worship a Goddess. I zipped through that book and Goddess in the Middle. I was curious how you came about creating this world of goddesses and their mates?

Stephanie Julian - Thank you so much!  Words every writer loves to hear.

I’d already written several stories in my Etruscan Magic series when I came up with the idea of the Forgotten Goddesses. I had created this whole mythology with witches, werewolves, fairies and elves who worship an ancient pantheon…who happen to live among their worshippers. But since the Etruscan race became mostly extinct when the Romans assimilated them, I wondered what happened to those gods and goddesses when most of their worshippers are gone. What do they do to fill the endless years? And what happens when they finally find the men they’re meant to spend the rest of their lives with?

C - Your brain sounds busy. Lol. Was there a lot of time that went into researching this series?

SJ - Yes. Lots and lots and I loved every second of it. Give me a 1,000 page book about Etruscan death rituals and tombs and I’m a happy camper. Research is part of the fun for me, finding interesting tidbits of information to use in my stories.

C - A woman after my own heart! I am such a nerd. History channel is my addiction. Drives the hubby insane. Is there sort of a ritual you go through in your writing process? Like do you paint your nails certain colors to go with your heroines or do you listen to certain music that goes along with the feel of the book or have to have some chocolate to nibble on?

SJ - I think someone knows about my Junior Mints addiction. After lunch, I have to have my Junior Mints or I can’t write. And I do listen to music to get me in the mood for scenes but not while I’m writing. I love to listen to music on a long drive or run and see my story unfold through the music.

Now it's time for the fun questions :)

C - What is your idea of the ideal guy, whether it be a supernatural alpha male or a normal everyday hottie?

SJ - A guy with a sarcastic sense of humor who has a brilliant mind and a giving heart and is kind to mean old ladies and homeless puppy dogs. He can cook and do laundry without making the whites pink and he looks good in bike shorts and leather chaps. Trust me, that’s damn hard to do.

C - Yeah...Can't say that I have seen an attractive biker in leather chaps. o_O When you were growing up, what did you say you were going to grow up to be?

SJ - A writer. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I read Little House on the Prairie when I was in second grade. There was a brief period when I wanted to be an archeologist and go to Italy and uncover ruins but then I discovered romance and never looked back. Come to think of it, that archaeology interest is probably why I love research so much.

C - That's really cool that you knew what you wanted to be. Of course, archaeology would be an awesome job to have. I myself also toyed with the idea of getting a degree in that field. Anyway, do you have any hidden talents or something about you that most people don’t know?

SJ - I like to drive really fast, which isn’t a surprise to those who know me. If I had the time and money to race, I would. One of my dreams is to race at the Midnight Doubles in Tara Janzen’s Crazy series in a 69 Dodge Charger.

C - Have to say that I am a 1967 GT 500 Shelby Mustang girl myself. Lol. At least you a nice looking car though. ;) Have any embarrassing habits you would love to change/stop but can’t?

SJ - My inability to speak coherently when I talk to my favorite authors. I can be a real fan girl so I have to be careful not to say something really stupid.

C - I can completely agree. Whenever I talk to one of my favorite authors, I will reread what I have said and think she must think I am an idiot. LOL. Last but not least, the most important question in this interview…boxers or briefs. ;)

SJ - Boxer briefs. Tight, black and filled out.

C - Hehe. I totally agree. XD Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. If I had 2 werewolves at my beck and call, we wouldn't leave the bedroom! LOL!

  2. The question is "What wouldn't I do"! ;)

  3. I agree with Susan. I'd feel like a queen if I has two smexy werewolves to myself. I envision pampering and spoiling...


  4. If I had two hunky werewolves, I would be one satisfied woman. I too am envisioning lots of pampering, not to mention some smokin' hot lovin', LOL. Where do we sign up to order them? LOL

  5. Thank you ladies for stopping by to read the interview and thanks to Redheads for having me over to chat.

    It's a totally fantasy, isn't it, to have two hot men at your beck and call. *smiles*