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Sourcbooks Tour: Interview with Author of The Officer Says "I Do", Jeanette Murray

Crystal - Hi Jeanette! I really enjoyed this book. It reminded me a lot of the movie from the 90’s with Selma Hayek and Matthew Perry, Fools Rush In. I was curious about how you came up with this book idea?

Jeanette - I’m glad you liked it! My books are character driven, so I started out with Tim (the buttoned-up Marine who doesn’t step a toe out of line) and the free-flowing hippie-grown Skye. I knew these two would have almost nothing in common, but they’d need a good reason to stick together after one steamy night. Anyone can walk away from an one-night-stand, even if it includes smoking good sex, right? But there’s gotta be more anchoring these two together. Enter Vegas, a little chapel that would, and some booze… Ta da! A reason. Not enough to make it permanent. Because you can always annul a marriage, and I never wanted the relationship to be a millstone around anyone’s neck. But it’s enough to make them think twice about fighting for what they started.

C - Was there a lot of time that went into researching this book?

JM - My research was primarily phone-based when it came to the Vegas aspect. I’ve never been to Vegas (can you believe it?!) so I had to call a few wedding chapels to confirm details. But the military aspect…talk about easy research. I’m married to a Marine. So the extent of my research with that aspect consisted of me popping my head out my office door, calling out, “Hey honey! Which uniform would Tim be wearing if he was going to …” and then writing down the answer. Easy peasy!

C - Is there sort of a ritual you go through in your writing process? Like do you paint your nails certain colors to go with your heroines or do you listen to certain music that goes along with the feel of the book or have to have some chocolate to nibble on?

JM - I wouldn’t say a ritual, exactly. I need silence, and I prefer to have a closed door. Even if I’m home alone with nobody to distract me, I close my office door. It just helps me get into my mind that it’s work time, not play time. A diet vanilla Coke or diet wild cherry Pepsi doesn’t hurt either…

Now more fun questions:

C - What is your idea of the ideal guy, whether it be a supernatural alpha male or a normal everyday hottie?

JM - I love a strong, real (contemporary) alpha man. A tall guy with muscles and a physical job. I’m a strong woman (both in personality and body) and I’m tall (5’10”) so I need someone who can not only keep up with me, but take over when necessary. But he needs to know when to step back and give me the space to do my own thing too. I think that’s one of the reasons military and sports romances appeal to me so much. The physical physique of your typical military guy or pro athlete appeals to me on a basic level. But there’s gotta be more to them.

C - When you were growing up, what did you say you were going to grow up to be?

JM - An attorney. It was never anything but an attorney, from the time I was 7 until I graduated with my bachelor’s degree. Why age 7? Because at age 7, my mother told me I should be an attorney because I could argue like I got paid for it. But after my bachelors, I didn’t take it any further. Got married, moved, started a family…and then started writing. Found my true target.

C - Do you have any hidden talents or something about you that most people don’t know?

JM - I was actually really good at sports in high school. When I was 15 I managed to be named an All-American for volleyball.

C - Have any embarrassing habits you would love to change/stop but can’t?

JM - Mainlining caffeine. It’s sort of ridiculous how dependent I am on it.

C - Last but not least, the most important question in this interview…boxers or briefs. ;)

JM - Boxer briefs. Best of both worlds.

Thanks for having me! This was fun!

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  1. I too believe boxer briefs are the best of both worlds!!

  2. It is nice getting to know a little bit more about you!

  3. If the guy was hot and I liked him, I would try to make a drunken, 1NS work...I think...LOL