Hello lovelies! Please bear with me while I make the transition back from WordPress to Blogger. I need to go through and insert images and do some more tweaks.

New Blog Branch Off

Hello faithful Redheads lovies! So I am venturing out into another blog. Go me! Lol! I am going to be  reading at least one book a month with a fellow tour coordinator of mine through BTS and she also just so happens to be my little brother's girlfriend. :) Anywhoo, it will be a place for non-romance books (but will have a few Christian/Inpirational romance novels that I feel are more appropriate on that blog.)

I have my first blog tour on the 11th for Deadly Eyes by Michael Meyer so make sure you check it out. I also will be looking at other tours to come so make sure you check back.

I also want to think of something I could do each weekday like I do here with my Dirty Dailies. What should I do?? I am thinking about a daily funny picture or something. I have a fondness for those funny pictures with cats but don't want to be know as the crazy lady with the cats on her blog. LOL! So any suggestions you guys can give me would be wonderful!

Thanks lovelies and I really hope I can make this blog as put together as this one. :) So check out Crystal's Book Corner and take a look around. (Keep in mind it is a major work in progress.)

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