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(Guest Post/Review) Retrograde: Diagnosis Love II by Ingrid Michaels

Today I have one of my favorite ladies here at Redheads. Make sure you check out below the review of her newest story, Retrograde: Diagnosis Love II. Really good!

Hello everyone,

Thanks for inviting me to guest blog, Crystal.

I'm thrilled to be here today to continue to spread the word about Retrograde: Diagnosis Love II, my latest paranormal romance novella, part two in my projected five-part Diagnosis Love series.

Let me begin by introducing the main characters in the series:
Melanie Marr is a phlebotomist who contracted leukemia and was referred to an oncologist, Dr. Farkas (she thinks of him as her TDHD Tall Dark and Handsome Doctor)

Jakob Farkas is a vampire as well as an oncologist. He is almost 400 years old and was sick of his existence, until he met, and fell in love with, Melanie.

The Diagnosis Love story so far: Dr. Farkas would love to cure Melanie of her fatal disease, but he's never turned anyone and he has to learn how to do it. It's complicated, he explains to a sceptical Melanie. She doesn't quite believe in spooks, but she has nothing else to do at the moment and decides to travel the world with the handsome doctor. Once they've gathered enough information to turn her, they make their way to one of the ancient caves in Lascaux, France. Only during the spring Equinox does Melanie realize that Jakob's cure entails literally killing her. Although it's a bit late, she wonders if she can trust him with what's left of her life, but at this point her options are pretty limited. During a highly sensual ceremony, Jakob turns Melanie.

Retrograde: Diagnosis Love II picks up with the happy couple's honeymoon. Life is good, they enjoy each other's company, they are two vampires in love. Until one day when Melanie starts throwing up. She's worried about her health, until she realizes she's probably pregnant! Yay! Having Jakob's baby will make her perfect life even more perfect. Until

"No, Melanie, you can't be pregnant," Jakob warns her.

She is devastated that Jakob doesn't her to bear his child, until he explains that vampires cannot get pregnant.

Things go from bad to worse when Jakob's maker, Dieudonnée de Lourdes, gets involved and summons both Jakob and Melanie to Old Quebec for a much-needed confab.

Dieudonnée is not much of a nurturer, unable to stand anyone who isn't at least 200 years old. So she has no patience for a newbie vamp's sassiness, much to Melanie's chagrin. Jakob is forced to explain the situation to his maker: it seems that he didn't turn Melanie properly, and she has now contracted a retrograde virus that threatens the entire existence of the Mallin line of vamps, putting both Jakob and Dieudonnée's existence in jeopardy, along with 80 other vamps.

Dieudonnée is furious to learn that she may end her existence because of Melanie's weakness and her proposed solution is to immediately destroy the source of all their troubles. But what happens next is an unbelievable turn of events!

I hope readers will pick up copies of Diagnosis Love and Retrograde: Diagnosis Love II and continue to follow this incredible paranormal series. FYI: I am stepping away from the typewriter for Part III, since Dieudonnée wants to have a go at telling her own story. And what Dieudonnée wants, Dieudonnée gets. You will not believe her tale!

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Thanks Crystal for inviting me to share my latest release with everyone.

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Ingrid ;-)

Retrograde: Diagnosis Love IITitle: Retrograde: Diagnosis Love II
Author:  Ingrid Michaels
Series: Diagnosis Love
Publisher:   Noble Romance Publishing
Format: ebook
ISBN: 9781605925394
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release date: June 25th, 2012
Number of pages: 60
Courtesy of: Author

Newlyweds Jakob and Melanie lead an active social life: they party late into the night in after-hours dance clubs, devour tasty amuse bouche, and travel the world seeking fun and adventure. Life is good, until one day when Melanie starts throwing up. Not a life-threatening event, unless you're a vampire. When Melanie's illness spreads to Jakob, and then threatens an entire lineage of vampires, the couple is summoned to old Quebec City to meet with Jakob's maker. Melanie is introduced to Dieudonnée and quickly finds herself caught between a lethal illness and a jealous, vicious vampire.


This is the second novella in the Diagnosis love series. We start with Melanie and Jakob in an alley feeding. Melanie is a newly turned vampire (sired by Jakob and because of this, she is forced to follow his commands) that is learning to feed from all different types of people in all sorts of situations. Aside from this, she is living in eternal bliss with Jakob. They spend the time when they wake up to feed and then the rest of the night making sweet love.

One morning, well night since that is when they wake up, Melanie wakes up and has to run to the bathroom and throws up all the blood she has consumed. She is overjoyed because the only logical conclusion is that she is pregnant. Pregnant! Well that idea is shot to the ground quickly by Jakob when he tells her that vampires can't get pregnant. They must find out what is wrong with Melanie or her change into a vampire would all be for nothing because she would be dead. Well actually dead this time.

Throw in a big bump/complication and you have a major problem that needs to be fixed asap. This turn of evens had me running questions and scenarios through my head of how the problem would be fixed. I can definitely say that I was pleasantly surprised with the ending. There were a couple characters that I wanted to punch in the face but nonetheless, they were great additions to the story. Now I am super curious as to Ingrid will write the rest of the series. What's next!? What's next!?

If you are looking for an enticing short read that will keep you guessing until the very end, this is for you. Of course then you will want to read the first book because the second one was so good. :)


Had me reading at the speed of light to find out what happens. Can't say I was disappointed. :)

There is a few scenes but they weren't super detailed. It doesn't matter though because I was reading it for the actual storyline. Weird coming from my mouth huh? ;)

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  1. Thank you for the great review, Crystal. I look forward to sending you Diagnosis Love III this fall!