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Tour: Review-Hope is Love by Sylvia Hubbard


Meet Hope, but most people call her Jona. She was a person living in the world, but not living on the inside.

Bad things happen to good people and Hope was the person we lose in the system and she grows up just going from day-to-day trying to make a dollar out of the pennies she find.

But she’s smart on the street. She keeps to herself, but she’s just there. A body without a soul and she’s going nowhere.

Then meet James from LOVE LIKE THIS .

He’s one of the bad characters that once the story is over you really don’t give a fig about. Now he’s lost again and you’ll find him here in HOPE IS LOVE.

Can they find what they are looking for?


Sylvia Hubbard knew she wanted to be a writer of romance long before she knew there were African-American writers in the world. Weaving stories magically as a summer past time to writing stories to get through the humdrum of school, she was able to create something from nothing.

Today, she has independently published over 28 books, is the founder of Motown Writers Network and The AA Electronic Literary Network, CEO of HubBooks Literary Services, runs over five blogs on a variety of subjects, host The Michigan Literary Network Radio Show and is a happily divorced mother of three children in Detroit, Michigan.

“I’m no superwoman,” she states with a smile that seems infinite on her lips. “I’m just being an asset in the world instead of a liability.”

Considered an addicted blogger by, nominated and recognized for her literary work in the Metro Detroit area, referred to as “A Literary Diva” by Detroit City Council and donned “Cliffhanger Queen” by her readers, she finds solace in speaking and educating on a variety of topics.

Her subjects range from Social Media, Internet Marketing, Creative Intimacy, Single Parenting, Blogging, E-Books, Publishing (all aspects i.e.: writing, publishing, marketing & promoting online & offline), and personal triumphs with inspiration mixed in.

Never a disappointment, Sylvia Hubbard, has spoken in front of thousands all over the United States and Canada.

Review Blurbs:
Get this one, its a KEEPER!! diamond  |  2 reviewers made a similar statement
Overall this was a great read, good storyline that will keep you turning the pages until the end, hot sex scenes, and lots of maturing and growing by these characters. krichie  |  2 reviewers made a similar statement 


Hope. Not just a feeling but a wonderful person.

Hope, who likes to go by Jona, is what people like to refer to as homeless. Hope likes to call it living smart. Jona's whole life changed when she was just trying to stay warm on a cold Detroit winter night. She witnesses an attempted murder and ends up helping the guy that was left for dead in the dumpster. Little does she know, this little act of kindness changes her life forever.

James wakes up next to a goddess but can't remember why, how or even where he was. He does have a killer headache though. When she wakes and tries to find out where he lives, he can't remember anything. He does know that he is not supposed to be here. 

There were times when reading this book that I just wanted to reach in and embrace Jona in a protective hug. I can say that I was super happy with the fact that Jona got a HEA and even James got his. Sylvia has a new fan in me and I can't wait to read more from her.


This is more like 3.5 stars. Sylvia has a way of making you feel that in any situation, you can find hope.

Steamy scenes that leave you enthralled and feeling the love between Jona and James.



  1. i just want to reach in my computer and hug you! thank you so much for the review!!