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Review: Sara's Smile by Sandra Bunino

Sara's Smile
By Sandra Bunino
70 Pages
Published May 17, 2012
Courtesy of Author

As an architect who specializes in restorations, Sara Wiley is a genius at returning neglected structures to their former glory. But when it comes to her own life, she has no idea how to reclaim the ruins, which are all that remain of her first true love.

When the biggest opportunity of her career and a sexy contractor comes her way, she’s thrilled…until she learns that the client is the long-ago boy who captured her heart and continues to invade her dreams. Is it a bittersweet coincidence or might there be a chance, after all, for Sara to revisit the mistakes of her past and build the future she has wanted for so long?


This is the first book of Sandra's I have read and I must say, I loved it! Of course because it is a novella, I was left wanting more of them but on the same hand, I don't think their story could have been written better. 

Sara dreams are coming true when she is assigned to the restoration of a wonderful home. She partners with a mighty dreamy contractor to get the job done right and on time. Although there is some attraction between the two, all that is shot to the wind when it turns out that the owner of the house she is doing the restoration on is none other than the man she has compared each and every one of her relationships to.

I am just amazed at how Sandra wrote Sara's long lost love. I am so used to seeing guys that are all alpha and in your face (and there is definitely nothing wrong with that. *waggles eyebrows*) but we first are introduced to Will at a party right after high school. I can't help but fall instantly in love with him when I read all the perfect things he says. After Will is put in a position where he has to choose between Sara or following his dreams, his decision is inevitably made for him by Sara when she walks away from him.

Let's fast forward five years to the present. We see that their chemistry is still off the charts but we also see how well they complete each other. Stories like this make me believe in soul mates and Sara and Will are the perfect example. There are really no bad things I can say about this book. Now I am just going to have to find the time to read Sandra's other book. :)


The type of happy ending that will leave you breathless and wishing that was your own life. :)

I loved how their sexual relationship was presented. It was a really great addition to the story but didn't take away from the story itself.

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