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Review: Love's Captive by Myra Nour

Love's Captive
By Myra Nour
284 pages
Published July 31, 2005
ISBN: 9781586086893
Courtesy of Author

When Serena awakes, after a close and unpleasant encounter with some sort of stun gun, she learns that resistance is futile and escape only a yearned for dream. She comes to find that she and the other Earth women have been captured by the Moyds.....interstellar merchants, and their mission is to procure fertile wives for the men of Volarn because their own race has been endangered due to the wide-spread sterility of their own women. Serena is disgusted to realize that they are nothing in the men’s eyes but baby makers, but she’s aware that she has no other choice than to face the fate that awaits her with as much dignity as she can.

After arriving on Volarn, Serena finds that her assessment had not been entirely accurate. The Volarn men used their power crystals in the Tarthra Ritual to approach the women to find the mate most suited to them, a women to love and who can love them and Serena has been chosen to become King Rhamus’ Queen but, just as she feels herself weakening to him and his romantic, passionate nature, Rhamus’ enemy Xarath abducts her......


Waking up and realizing she is not where she is supposed to be, Serena quickly figures out that she and other women were taken captive and were on their way to a alien planet. The women soon find out the reasoning behind the kidnapping. The race of Volarn is in danger of becoming wiped out because of a fertility issue. After research, they figure out that it is possible to mate with Earth women and be able to help repopulate their race. The cool part about this whole forced to be someone's mate is that the Volarn men have the power to find the perfect match in their mate through a special crystal.

Serena is stunned to learn that she was picked by the king himself to become his mate. She is really, really resistant at first, hell, she even tries to escape back to Earth, but she slowly begins to find that she really enjoys the company of Rhamus and is starting to enjoy her Queenly duties. But when she starts to feel that she has finally found a place and a home, she is abducted by Rhamus' enemy, Xarath. And man is he a thorn in my ass I want to have removed and grind into dust.

I really like how the story is played out. It's great that Rhamus doesn't force himself onto Serena but instead he makes her feel comfortable and makes her feel like the queen she is. In most books, the king is an uber prick that will try to force his betrothed queen to love him but this is not the way Rhamus is. I wish I was in Serena's shoes because I can tell you that I wouldn't have tried to escape. Lol! 

So if you are looking for an enchanting read with a fantasy twist, you have to read this. You won't be disappointed. Well done Myra! *applauds*


I don't read too many fantasy novels but I can say that I will now be on a mission to read more.

Whooo boy! There were so many great scenes that left me panting.

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