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Review: Giovanna's Dilemma by Ingrid Michaels

Giovanna's Dilemma

By Ingrid Michaels


Published May 21, 2012

Courtesy of Author

When JP takes Karen out to celebrate their four-month dating anniversary, he wines and dines her at Jean Q's, London's best restaurant. After a wonderful meal, he has another surprise for her: his prepared lecture at the National Gallery, where he presents Karen with a unique and entertaining interpretation of the love story between feisty Giovanna Cenami and Pieter Baes, Jan van Eyck's young assistant at the time van Eyck painted the famous Arnolfini Betrothal Portrait. 


Each book I have read of Ingrid's has been completely different from one another. But I love them all. The latest of her releases, Giovanna's Dilemma, was a great mixture of contemporary with a historical story thrown in that left my heart a little achy. 

JP and Karen are celebrating their 4 month anniversary at a swanky London restaurant. While they are eating, you can tell that they have deep and true feelings of love. Towards the end of dinner, JP tells Karen that he has a surprise for her. He takes her to the art gallery where he works as an art historian where he shows her a painting by Jan van Eyck called the Arnolfini Betrothal Portrait. Not really sure why he wants to tell her about this story, she is surprised that she is totally engrossed with the story. And quite frankly, I was sucked in too. I am not one for historicals but I have been know to read a few in my day but what I liked about the glimpse in the past, we get to see two relationships that make up a wonderful romantic portrait. Although I wish that story had a different outcome, Karen's and JP's had an utterly romantic surprise at the end that left me all warm and tingly inside. 

So if you are looking for a great, quick, sweet read, look no further than Giovanna's Dilemma.


Great sweet, quick read that leaves you all gooey inside. :)

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  1. Thank you for your kind review, Crystal. I like making your heart a little achy... :-)