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Review: The Edge of Courage (Red Team, #1) by Elaine Levine

The Edge of Courage (Red Team, #1)Title: The Edge of Courage (Red Team, #1)
Author:  Elaine Levine
Series: Red Team
Publisher:  Self Published
Format: ebook
ISBN: 9780985420505
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release date: April 23, 2012
Number of pages: 370

Step into Elaine Levine's exciting new series of alpha warriors--products of the government's secret corps of assassins called the Red Team....

Haunted by memories he cannot reach, stalked by an enemy bent on revenge . . .

Rocco Silas has come home to Wyoming after long years as a Red Team operative in Afghanistan. It isn't easy returning to civilian life, especially burdened as he is with a staggering case of PTSD or hunted as he is by an enemy determined to seek an eye-for-eye--neither of which can he battle until he confronts the truth of what happened one fateful day in the high mountain ranges of the Hindu Kush.

. . . She alone holds the key to his sanity.

Mandy Fielding's dream of opening a therapeutic riding center on her family's ranch is almost within her grasp--until she hires Rocco Silas, a dangerous ex-Spec Ops friend of her brother's. His haunted eyes and passionate touch promise a love she never dared believe possible. Can they confront the truth of his past and build a future together or will the enemy stalking him destroy them both?


Where to start. Let’s start with this…Grab a blanket, pillow and a box of tissues and crawl into bed. Make sure you lock your door so no one can bother you and just get comfy with the idea of getting no sleep. Sleep is overrated when you read this book. You won’t want to stop unless either forced or for pee breaks. Who am I kidding? I even read it on bathroom breaks.

Rocco is fresh out of the war and is beyond messed up. He was just released from the hospital from injuries and is suffering for a bad case of PTSD. He goes home to see that there is nothing left for him there. He gets a call from one of his brothers in arms asking him to go to his sister’s ranch and help her out. She has been having way too many issues trying to get it up and running. Rocco decides to at least stop by and check things out. What he wasn’t prepared for was Mandy and how she will change his life for the better.

Mandy’s dream is to open her therapeutic riding center. It seems as though the world is working against her with this project from all the bumps in the road she is experiencing. She calls her brother, Kit, and tells him about her latest worker quitting. Not even three hours after that call, she finds a dangerously sexy soldier with haunted eyes standing in front of her. Mandy knows instantly that there is more to him than meets the eye. After experiencing an episode of Rocco’s PTSD, she wants nothing more than to fix this broken shell of a man. Her heart depends on it.

I have found my new favorite author. No joke. I have literally been glued to my Kindle nonstop while reading. I love romantic suspense books with military elements. I love me a man in uniform and nail biting scenes. Elaine hit those elements plus many, many more. Mandy and Rocco together are the perfect explosive pair. Their love is the intense kind of love that lasts through a lifetime. Another thing that got me with this book was the heart wrenching scenes. I have heard stories of PTSD from close friends and know that it is not something to mess around with. I felt so much towards Rocco. He is such a strong person but has been torn down to almost nothing. All my nurturing feelings were pushed to the forefront when it came to him. I am just thankful that Elaine gave him his own personal angel to see him out of his own personal Hell.

I cannot wait until the next in this series comes out. I will be stalking Elaine’s blog to find out when it goes on preorder everyday! Loved, loved, loved it!!  


Utterly addicting book that will keep you on the edge of your seat biting your nails and reaching for a box of tissues.

Enough delicious sex to keep you warm through the coldest winter.

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