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Review - Beneath the Skin (de La Vega Cats #3) by Lauren Dane

Beneath the Skin (de La Vega Cats, #3)Title: Beneath the Skin (de La Vega Cats, #3)
Author: Lauren Dane
Series: de La Vega Cats
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Format: ebook
ISBN: 9781619210523
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release date: April 3rd, 2012
Number of pages: N/A
Courtesy of: Me, Myself, and I

A whole world exists…beneath the skin.

Gibson de La Vega is the Bringer, one of the Alpha’s right-hand cats. It is his job to mete out justice and defend the law that holds their jamboree together.

After a contentious meeting with another jamboree, he’s shot—Mia stumbles onto the scene and saves his life. He’s immediately drawn to the female who dug three silver bullets from his body. Even after he discovers she’s a Porter, a family his own harmed grievously half a century before.

Despite the myriad reasons to stay away, even as they continue to hunt down the would-be killers, their attraction deepens into something else entirely.

The answers they find bring that threat far closer to home than anyone could have imagined and it’ll be up to Gibson to end the mess once and for all. And up to Mia to stand at his side, even as he risks his life…


Another great book by Lauren Dane. If you haven’t read anything by her yet, you better have enough money and time allotted so you can read her books. I absolutely find her books addicting and this book can be another added to her growing list.

Mia is back in her hometown after an attack and the area pack didn’t do anything to help find her attackers. Still trying to deal with the aftereffects, she happens to stumble over a handsome shifter who is shot three times with silver bullets. Even though she complains about lugging his huge body into her house, she digs the three bullets out because if she didn’t, he would die. When he awakens, she realizes that he is Gibson de La Vega, of the family that has made hers a living hell all those years ago. Whatr she didn’t realize was that this was the man who would forever change her life.

Gibson is the protector of his pack. He sees a threat that has come into the area and goes to head it off but ends up getting wounded. When he comes to, he finds a strong, delectable woman that has helped him. Every instinct in him is screaming at him to keep her close but he soon finds out that she is Porter and it will make things more challenging. But with a little persuasion from his mother, they help transition Mia’s family back into the pack more fully in hopes to make up for his family’s mistakes. Of course, the perk of having Mia closer to him is an awesome bonus. But when things get tough, are they able to keep their feeligs solid and intact? Guess you will just have to read it to find out.

I loved how well Mia complimented Gibson. Even though she is one tough cookie, she helps soften up the pack protector. Every man needs a woman they can be share their love and passion with and Gibson found the perfect match in Mia. So if you want to read about a great love story with some awesome action thrown in, you’ve found your book.


I can never get enough of this pack or Lauren’s books!


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