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Guest Review: The Beginning by Sherrilyn Kenyon

The Beginning (Acheron; Dark-Hunter, #0.1)Title: The Beginning
Author:  Sherrilyn Kenyon
Series: Dark Hunter
Publisher:  St. Martin Press
Format: ebook
ISBN: –|-
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release date: 1990
Number of pages: 21
*Please Note: This story in it's entirety is in the current novel "Acheron" (#15) in the Dark Hunter series.*

This is a short story written years ago by Sherri as an intro to the Dark-Hunter world. The story is found in it's entirety in the current novel "Acheron".

The Beginning was originally published as a short story in a small press magazine called The Voice in 1990.

My Thoughts:

Very short story introducing Acheron and the first Dark Hunters created by Artemis to fight against the Daimons. I didn’t felt like it was the best way to explain, specially after reading Fantasy Lover, the background is the Olympus, but the story sounds very different from everything else. Only strange till now is Acheron and he seams to be a demigod or even a full god, but he’s relationship with Artemis sounds complicated.

Books in this Series:

#0 - Fantasy Lover
#0.1 - The Beginning
#0.2 - Dragonswan
#1 - Night Pleasures
#2 - Night Embrace
#2.1 - Midnight Pleasures
#3 - Dance with the Devil
#3.1 - A Dark-Hunter Christmas
#4 - Kiss of the Night
#5 - Night Play
#5.1 - Winter Born
#6 - Seize the Night
#7 - Sins of the Night
#7.1 - Second Chances
#8 - Unleash the Night
#9 - Dark Side of the Moon
#9.1 - My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding
#10 - The Dream Hunter
#11 - Fear the Darkness
#12 - Devil May Cry
#13 - Upon the Midnight Clear
#14 - Dream Chaser
#15 - Acheron
#16 - One Silent Night
#17 - Dream Warrior
#18 - Bad Moon Rising
#19 - No Mercy
#20 - Retribution
#21 - The Guardian
#22 - Time Untime

I know it may have some novellas in this series that I did not listed, but these are the books currently on my TBR pile, so already bought and waiting to be read/reviewed.


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  1. Acheron is the GOD of tortured souls and the fact that he'll forever stay looking like a 19yo is ironic considering the amount of things he went through. I can hardly wait for Time Untime, I miss Simi :)

    Talk Supe