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Sourcebook Tour (Interview/Giveaway): Where There's Smoke by Karen Kelley

Today I am pleased to have the author of Where There's Smoke, Karen Kelley here to let me satisfy my nosiness. Let's all say hi to Karen.

Crystal - Hi Karen! Thanks for stopping by Redheads today. I must say straight off the bat that I loved Where There’s Smoke. I read it in under 12 hours. Ok so what you are really here for…Could you tell us a little about yourself my dear?

Karen - Hi and thanks so much for having me!

Why am I here? Look at all this eye candy! Why would I not be here??? Yum, talk about inspiration! Just looking around your website can stir up all kinds of ideas.

I’m totally thrilled you enjoyed Where There’s Smoke. And that you read it in under twelve hours--even better.

A little about myself? My favorite drink is a frozen Margarita with a swirl of Sangria—I like it strong. My favorite food is Mexican—I like it hot. My favorite dessert is anything chocolate but I stick mostly with sugar free—I like it sweet, but not too sweet.

C - Oh yummy, Margaritas! And to Mexican food. A woman after my own heart. :) How did you come up with the story line for WTS?

K - Ideas start as a tiny seeds and take off from there.

Example: The weatherman predicts another record breaking day of triple digits (which he did last year) and my husband mutters that it’s already hotter than Hell and I comment that maybe we’ll get kicked out. Hmmm…..

Usually an idea grows from my warped sense of humor. With Destiny she does get kicked out of Hell and if she wants to return and gain demon status she has to steal someone’s soul. That shouldn’t be too difficult. Except the soul she wants to steal happens to belong to a nephilim: half man/half angel. Nephilim don’t play by the same rules as everyone else. Chance is no exception. Sometimes he makes up his own rules. But when he clashes with Destiny, all hell breaks loose.

C - I really liked the little twist the book has. It makes things interesting. How much/what kind of research went into this story?

K - I don’t bog myself down in a lot of research. Nephilim are actually mentioned in the Bible. Angels supposedly mated with mortal women and their offspring were called nephilim. That alone offers up a wealth of ideas to play around with. Vetis, who is the bad “guy” is also the name of a demon, aka The Tempter. I like doing enough research to give my stories authenticity, but not so much that I bore the reader or myself.

C – I am always curious about an author’s writing process. Are there certain steps you do/take every time you sit down and start the process of producing a new story?

K - Before I start writing I put in my earbuds and listen to romantic melodies or Enya. Once I feel relaxed I start to free-style write. I’ll usually jot down something about the book, like the hero’s name., then anything that pops into my head. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it might connect to what I’m writing. That usually starts the creative side of my brain working. If I start cold then I find I’m more analytical.

C – I know many authors, while in their writing world, have to have complete silence and no interruptions while going through their process. Is this the same for you or are you the type of person who works better with some music to go with your writing?

K - I continue listening to my music, but eventually all I hear are the voices of my characters. And no interruptions—ack, I hate that. Interruptions are like throwing a bucket of ice water on me.

C – What is your idea of an ideal guy whether it is supernatural or a normal, everyday sexy as sin alpha male? ;)

K - My ideal man knows all my faults and loves me anyway, and I have a lot. He’ll call me to the backyard to show me dozens of fireflies lighting up the night. He’ll pick wild flowers growing on the side of the road and bring them to me. He’ll build me up and never tear me down. He’ll know how to load a dishwasher and how to dust furniture. When I gain weight or have a really, really bad hair day, he’ll still make me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. He’ll be my very best friend…..oh, wait, I just described my husband J He’ll always be everyday sexy to me.

C - Aww! Glad you have someone like that to keep you company every day. ;)When I was a kid, I saw myself growing up to be a famous singer. What did you say you were going to be when you were a wistful child?

K - When I was a kid many, many, many….ahem….years ago all I wanted to do was fall in love, get married, have children and live happily ever after---and so I did. I added writing romance books when the kids were older and I had more time on my hands.

C - Lol. I always like to ask this question to my authors. Keep in mind this is VERY important…boxers or briefs? ;)

K - I love your last question! It’s briefs all the way. I want to see a little leg J

Again, thanks so much for having me. Did I mention my grandmother had dark red hair? I have just a hint.

Best Wishes and May All Your Dreams Come True!

Karen Kelley

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When sexy wannabe-demon, Destiny Carter, is kicked out of Hell, she lands in Ft. Worth, Texas with one week to corrupt a soul. Or else. She slips into a slinky red dress, and heads straight for the delicious, corruptible looking cowboy at the bar.

But Chance Bellew has his own agenda-saving souls. He's not your typical angel. He’s a nephilim, to be exact. Centuries ago, angels came down from Heaven and mated with mortal women. When the women bore children, a new race was created. Immortals with powers—demigods, nephilim.

But the children don’t live by the same rules as mortals, or that of the typical, robe-wearing, bright light-surrounding-them angels. Hell, most of the time the nephilim are breaking the rules, and making up new ones as they go. As long as they don’t cross over to the dark side, everyone pretty much stays out of their way.

But sometimes a demon-in-training, who looks like Destiny, comes along and all Hell breaks loose.


First off, can I say how much I drooled over the cover??? Like, damn. The tattoo on his pec is so yummy looking I just want to lick it up. *wipes drool off chin* Of course you don't want to hear my ramblings of the half naked (One day someone will make a cover with a completely naked guy. I vote David Gandy. I would be first in line to buy it. *waggles eyebrows* I really need to stay on topic. Lol.) 

We find Destiny kicked out of Hell because she is one soul short of getting all expenses paid vacation in Hell that every demon works hard for. Being the sensual person that she is and the whole no sex rule she is forced to live by, she feels the need to break a few rules in order to get her soul quick. She materializes a sexy red dress and goes into a bar and sees a delicious cowboy in a black hat sitting at the bar. What she thinks is an easy target turns out to be the most challenging thing she will ever encounter in her life.

Chance knows Destiny will be at this bar tonight and is determined to save her soul before she is eternally damned into the fires of Hell. He always draws in the demons with hints of wild nights but never actually goes through with it. That's Chance's rule, or it was until the sexy demon in the red dress coming his way makes him think again. The rules change in an instant and Chance knows he must do anything necessary to save this addicting woman or die trying.

The beginning of this story had me zipping through the pages at top speeds. I have read my share of steamy books but this was so wonderfully written I was regretting reading it while my husband wasn't home. Destiny is all about finding her soul and becoming a demon but she slowly comes to like her quirky accidental friends and realizes that this time is much better then the retro era she was from. It helps that she eventually learn that all her misfortunes (and there were some heartbreaking ones) were actually the work of a demon. Why you ask? One word. Chance. Speaking of that sexy nephilim, there were times in this story where I thought he was going to lose it completely. Destiny had her issues but Chance kept tearing my heart into tiny pieces over and over. The man could have used a hug, or a Xanex. Whichever. I personally vote for some more smokin' hot sex! (With me of course. HA!) Who knew a demon and a half-angel make such a good couple?!


Add in one demon wannabe, one demented demon, and one determined nephilim make for an addicting read that will leave you reaching for the ice water.

Whoo boy! Get your fan and ice water at the ready for this one.

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