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Review: A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing by Terry Spear

A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing
(Heart of the Wolf #9)
By Terry Spear
326 Pages
Published March 1, 2012
ISBN: 9781402258909
Courtesy of Me, Myself, and I

Meara Greymere is in charge of the cabin rentals on the rugged Oregon coastline, so her brother and his mate could take a delayed honeymoon. But while Hunter is away, the she-wolf intends to play—she just has to convince the right alpha male to rent one of the cabins, and she’ll take it from there. But when Finn Emerson arrives with every intention of pretending to be her lover, she's not going to take this lying down. She knows he'll tell her brother what she's up to and put an end to her game.

Finn Emerson is a Navy SEAL, formerly one of Hunter Greymere’s team members, and now he's trying to track down a gray wolf, who's already made an attempt on one of their team member's lives. Finn believes Hunter will be targeted next, only to discover Hunter is off with his mate on a honeymoon, and he fears Hunter’s sister is in grave danger. But the SEAL soon learns protecting the unpredictable sexy she-wolf is a mission and a half and protecting her isn’t all he wants to do.


Meara can't wait to sink her teeth into the right alpha male she has renting one of her cabins for the week. She is determined to find her mate in this group of carefully selected males. But when her brother's SEAL teammate, Finn, shows up unexpectedly, she is beyond annoyed with his games. Why he feels the need to pretend to be her lover is beyond her but she knows she has to watch her step or he will go running to her brother who will put her search to an end immediately. If only that was the least of her worries...

Finn, a Navy SEAL, is used to living in dangerous situations but when someone is set out to start offing his team members, he is determined to stop the wolf in his tracks. After one of his team members has already been attacked, Finn just knows Hunter will be the next target. When Finn finally tracks him down, he quickly discovers from Meara that Hunter is on a very human honeymoon with his new mate. Well crap. Finn also discovers that Meara has set up a week of hosting alpha males at the cabins in hopes of finding her new mate but he knows that someone could target Meara to get to Hunter. Double Crap. Of course he keeps telling himself that the feeling he is feeling towards Meara is just his instinct to protect what is Hunters's and not the urge to wrap her in his arms and never let go until he knows she is safe, or so she doesn't find her mate. Whichever. 

I have only read one previous book by Ms. Spear but I will definitely say if I had the money, I would go back and read ALL of her books. She definitely knows how to write a book! Full of sexual energy and thrilling twists and turns that will leave you wanting more and more. All I can say is the next in the series can't come out fast enough for me! :)


Full of sexual energy and thrilling twists and turns that will leave you wanting more and more. 

I swear if there is actually werewolves, I'm going on a mission to find one like Finn. *sigh*

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