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Review: Highland Hero by Amanda Scott

Highland Hero
By Amanda Scott
400 Pages
Published October 1, 2011
ISBN: 9780446574303
Courtesy of Publisher

Lady Marsi Cargill refuses to marry a man who wants her land rather than her love. To escape her arranged betrothal, she disguises her noble lineage and accompanies her young cousin--the future King of Scots--on a secret journey across the Highlands. Their guide is a mysterious knight known only as Hawk. Heat flares between the beautiful maid and the brooding warrior, but when Marsi's true identity is revealed, Hawk's desire gives way to fury...

Summoned by the King to guard his son, Sir Ivor "Hawk" Mackintosh now has two royals to protect. This daring, willful woman has invaded Hawk's every thought, and laid siege to his heart. Soon the solitary soldier is yearning for a life with Marsi at his side and in his bed. But as their passion grows, so too does the danger surrounding them. Powerful enemies watch their every move, and to survive, Hawk and Marsi must fight for Scotland's future-as well as their own new-found love.


Lady Marsi did the last thing anyone thought she would do...she disguises herself as a nursemaid and leaves with her cousin to avoid being forced into a marriage she wants nothing to do with. It just so happens that the person she is betrothed too would be willing to do whatever he can to gain the king's seat, including get rid of her young cousin, the future King of Scots. She will do what she can to protect her aunt's (the person she was closest to) son including hiding her desire for the sexy warrior who is tasked to help see them to safety. Well let's just say that doesn't last but so long.

Hawk is taken immediately by Marsi the moment he sets eyes on her. Or hands. You pick. All he can do is think about her when she is not around and when she is around, he does nothing but try to figure her out. She doesn't act like a normal maid but Hawk is determined to figure out why that is. When Marsi's cover is finally blown, Hawk's desire is quickly overtaken by anger. How dare she lie and sneak out of the castle with them. Now he has not just one royal to protect but two. But as they make their way farther into their journey, they find themselves falling deeply in love. However, their love is at risk at the hands of the same man wanting the throne for himself. They must fight for their love and to save the future of Scotland.

I will willingly state that I am not a super big fan of historicals but I was not disappointed at all with this book. It probably helps that it had Scottish elements in it left and right which I just love. Ms. Scott sucked me in with her wonderfully written characters and enticing places they visit. Although it is back in the days of uncleanliness, sword fights, and out of hand power struggles, the story was spun together with such finesse it was magical to read. It made me want to hop in the nearest DeLorean and travel back to that time. Bravo to Ms. Scott for her addicting Highland read. 


What can I say that I haven't already? Just go read it. You won't be disappointed.

I give it 2 flames because in the time, there wasn't going to be much hanky panky going on but what Ms. Scott had going on was more than enough for the story. :)

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  1. well, i do love Highlanders...guess I'll have to add this one to my insanely long TBR list!