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Guest Review: Valkryie's Vengeance by Suzie Grant

Valkyrie's Vengeance
(Maidens of the Shield #1)
By Suzie Grant
March 2012

One woman’s journey to the truth...
Stranded on foreign soil, a Viking maiden is rescued and raised by the enemy. After witnessing the brutal slaughter of the Saxon woman who saved her life, Tyra Svensdottir declares war on her own people by kidnapping the dark Viking to carry out her revenge. Her quest takes them across the frigid waters to Iceland on a sensual voyage she never anticipated and only the gentle assault of a green-eyed Viking can soothe a heart infested with revenge.

One man’s quest to save his people...
A warrior destined to be king, a man who wields a mythical sword, and a captive who yields to the mysterious woman all the while uncovering her dark secrets. When the truth is revealed Rorik Thorlicksson is determined to redirect her wrath to more pleasurable pursuits, although their forced intimacy reveals a deep yearning he’d long ago buried and an obscure past he is just beginning to unravel.

Blood vengeance brings them together, but will desire unleash a love that brings an end to A Valkyrie’s Vengeance?

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I’m not a big fan of historical romances, mostly because they’re all set during the Regency time and it can get a little boring. But after I read the summary for Valkyrie’s Vengeance one thing caught my eye. She’s a strong and warrior women, one of my favorites characters and not even for one minute she made me regret giving her a chance.

Tyra was just a kid when the worst happened. She lost her brother and ended up in the Saxon island. After suffering to survive in battle with some Saxon men, she was saved by an older woman and spent her next ten years living and hiding from the Saxon. One night her people, the Vikings, decided to attack and steal from the Saxon. The elder that protect and saved her was killed in one of the battles, leaving Tyra with thoughts of revenge against the Viking King.

She’s really smart and created a plan that included kidnapping the King’s best warrior. But he’s a smart guy with an attraction for the beautiful Tyra. When these two started working together to reform a ship and return to the Viking’s island, things definably took a turn and Tyra’s feelings were affected by the good humor and strong sense of bravery coming from the warrior.

Rurik knows more about Tyra past than she realize and decides to work on making her fall in love with him, since he only has eyes for her now, but she’s very difficult and between trust issues and sexual feelings the delved a great story about rescue, war and love.

I really liked the way the author didn’t made Tyra a weak and fragile women, because she definely stand her ground and don’t accept less than deserved.


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