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Review: Lover Unleased (BDB #9) by J.R. Ward

Lover Unleashed
(Black Dagger Brotherhood #9)
By J.R. Ward
489 Pages
Published March 29, 2011
ISBN: 9780451233165
Courtesy of Me, Myself, and I

Few authors give readers such a “powerful rush”* as #1 New York Times bestselling author J.R. Ward does in her phenomenal books of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Now she returns to that fiercely intoxicating world in a new novel of a woman’s journey from terrifying enslavement to an erotic rapture that proves equally dangerous…

Payne, twin sister of Vishous, is cut from the same dark, warrior cloth as her brother: A fighter by nature, and a maverick when it comes to the traditional role of Chosen females, there is no place for her on the Far Side… and no role for her on the front lines of the war, either.

When she suffers a paralyzing injury, human surgeon Dr. Manuel Manello is called in to treat her as only he can- and he soon gets sucked into her dangerous, secret world. Although he never before believed in things that go bump in the night- like vampires- he finds himself more than willing to be seduced by the powerful female who marks both his body and his soul.

As the two find so much more than an erotic connection, the human and vampire worlds collide…just as a centuries old score catches up with Payne and puts both her love and her life in deadly jeopardy.

Megan Fox is the perfect Payne to me.

I wasn't quite sure how I was going to like Payne's book. We are introduced to her in previous books where she is awakened from a deep sleep her mother, the Scribe Virgin, had her in for a good couple hundred years. Let's say the word pissed is a good description of how Payne is feeling towards mother dearest. To pass the time, Payne and Wrath get into full on fights with the two of them not holding back. They get some bruises and cuts but nothing much. Their latest fights leads Payne to hit her back and damage her spinal cord which makes her paralyzed. In a panic, Wrath takes her down to Doc Jane, with the consent of the Scribe Virgin, but Jane is not able to do much for her so she sets out to get her old boss, Manny Manello. When she goes to the hospital and finds out he's not there, she goes to his condo but he isn't there either. Paging him multiple times, he finally decides to hit her back which enables her to figure out where he is. She flashes to the cemetery where he is standing over her grave. Pushing past her instant guilt for lying to Manny, she makes herself corporeal. Which made things get real interesting.
I think of a more buffed up Matt Bomer as Manny. Sexy!

After sucking up his shock that he might not be going crazy and seeing Jane, he decides that he wants to help the person Jane is treating in the super secret place she is now. The second Manny sets eyes on the woman he is supposed to perform surgery on, the only thing he can think of is that she is meant to be his. He feels an instant connection he has never felt with anyone else. Snapping out of it, with the help of Jane's burly husband, he gets to work on Payne. Out of surgery, they find she is still paralyzed. After a series of things that happen along the way, Manny finds himself back at that massive mansion he was at before trying to help the woman he has have very vivid dreams about. Payne and Manny quickly discover that with some help with sexual release, it makes her happy which makes her glow and heal her legs to enable her to walk.

Payne is walking on water when it comes to Manny but she can't help but feel like her time with him is short lived. He's a human and their relationship can't possibly work out. After a nasty reality check courtesy of Manny himself, Payne goes out into the night by herself where she stumbles across some lessers which is no issue for her. The problem she comes across is finding herself kidnapped by a group of vampires out to get her.

Yes this book was about Payne and Manny but I am pretty sure Vishous and Jane had more "air time" then the main love interests. Of course this was completely fine to me since I absolutely love V. ;) I am really happy that we get to see him delve deeper in his feelings and finds away to open up to the people that are the most important in his life. And might I say that the scene with Butch and V at his condo about broke my heart! I love you V!!!

***Check back on the 3rd for what we are all waiting for...Lover Reborn's review!!!***


It would have been a 4 heart book but V made it into a 5 heart book. :)

Loved Payne and Manny. If only he was a real person!


  1. I had Joe Manghienello as Manny. I only wish Payne kicked more butt here than being girly. And yes I love V and Jane's extended air time

  2. Oh I wish I had pictured him as Manny! He is super sexy!!!