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Guest Post/Review Myra Nour

First, thank you for having me as a guest on your gorgeous site. I love redheads too. In fact, my hair used to be auburn years ago.

I fell in love with reading romance and science fiction as a teen. Jane Eyre was my 1st romance and I reread it several times throughout the years. My love affair with romance grew. I can't forget the wonderful romantic adventures Johanna Lindsey, Laurie McBain, Kathleen Woodiwiss and others took me on. What woman doesn't enjoy being swept away into a fantasy world where love triumphs? Later, I was able to combine my love of romances and S/F when Futuristic Romances became popular.

I did not meet my soulmate until college, when Simon and I married in 1981. He's my best friend. I use Simon as my inspiration for all my heroes in some form or another in my books. He is charming, has impeccable manners, and treats women like women. Opening doors is a given with him. He is also very much a man - he was a soldier in the Army for 25 years and has a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Simon has been a body builder since he was 19. So when I describe the "feel" of a muscular chest or bicep, it is based on fact, not made up in my mind. He's a good looking man too.

My careers have provided me with knowlege that is useful in my writing. Being a nurse when I was younger, I can pull on my medical background if needed. I have a BA in Psychology and MA in Counseling. I definitely use my knowledge of human behavior to create believable characters. A majority of my reviews, no matter which books, mention how my characters are like real people. That, and what a wild imagination I  have.

I also have 2 grown children and one granddaughter. Recently, I opened Book & Trailer Showcase, a website for authors & readers. See at:

Unlike some authors who started writing when they were very young, I didn't start until my 20's. I never thought about becoming a published author, but more or less stumbled onto the experience. In 1977 I had a very vivid dream. It was as if a movie played in my head all night. I was introduced to some of the characters that would later develop into my 1st novel, Love's Captive. Some of the storyline played through my dream, and I even "overheard" a few conversations. Luckily, I got up the next morning and jotted down everything I remembered.

That synopsis was stuck in a drawer for many years. While attending college, I began to write short stories. This was good practice for writing a book. During the years that followed, my family encouraged me to write my book. Of course I had shared my dream with them years before.

Finally, in 1996 I decided to do the deed. I didn't want to be 80 years old and look back with regret because I never attempted to write my novel. I worked full time as a college counselor, so I committed time in the evening to write. Simon volunteered to help by taking over dish washing duties and doing more around the house.

It took me about 8 months to write. After Love's Captive was published, things started rolling. Now I have 17 books and novellas published with New Concepts Publishing and Ellora's Cave.

What influenced me to write Wanted: Handsome Alien Abductor?

I created a series "River of Dreams" at NCP. The idea is that a woman can petition the River Goddess for her heart's desire. The 1st story, A Vampire's Kiss is about a young woman's wish to encounter a real vampire. In To Tame a Werewolf, the heroine wants to have sex with a werewolf. The 3rd story explores the heroine's desire to meet a pirate in Pirate's Wench.

From the beginning I knew I wanted to end the series with a story about a male alien. Along the way, I decided I wanted the story to center around the heroine being kidnapped - because Love's Captive was so popular. I also wished to infuse humor into the story.

I didn't come up with an idea until a dream gave me the inspiration for Wanted: Handsome Alien Abductor. I was quite please with the idea that came to me. The heroine, Amber, wanted to find the perfect match. But all the men were either too Beta or too wild for her tastes. The fact that she ends up being kidnapped by a real alien was a fluke. Or so it seemed to Amber until she met Stanley, the slug brain/computer who instigated her capture.

Ryja is the handsome alien, who is a historical explorer. He fulfills Amber's sexual fantasies, and they are also matched in common interests. By the end of the story, Amber has fallen hard for Ryja and wonders if there is a future with a spaceman who hops from planet to planet studying history.
(Please note that my website is not up at this time, but should be back online soon. In the meantime, all my books & blurbs can be found)


When a handsome alien kidnaps her, Amber’s sexual fantasies become reality, but can she handle her growing love for a spaceman?


Amber is looking for her perfect man. Only thing is, he's not out there. She had a perfectly good guy once upon a time but the fates were against her on that one. Desperate, and quite frankly not thinking it is real, Amber takes Sarah's offer to go on a journey to visit someone who can bring her the man of her dreams. When nothing happens, they head back to the hotel where Amber decides to take a quick nap. When she awakens, that's when the real fun happens.

Full of adventure, love, and sex appeal, Nour hit the nail on the head with this one. The story brings you into a world of mysticism that makes for a great read. Amber finds herself caught in another world completely when she finds herself in the bedroom of a viking when reall,y he is an alien. There aren't many stories out there with this type of story so it is refreshing to be able to read one. To be able to have some of the stuff from this book would be beyond awesome. I mean, what girl wouldn't want a machine that make whatever article of clothing you want the way you want it????? 

And when I say adventure, it's not fight for your life on a pirate ship but for history buffs out there like me, we got to "jump" back in time to experience some of the Earth's past. It was a great little addition to the story. :)


Great read. Great storyline. Great sex. Perfect combination for a book. :)

Man! I was feeling the first intimate scene. *fans self*

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  1. I, too, love redheads, and that's why so many of my heroes have red hair. In fact, I have one series where everyone in the family is a redhead! Very familiar with handsome alien abductors, too. In fact, I've one who's making his re-appearance in June. Thanks, for a good blog, Myra.

  2. Hi both of you!
    Great post Myra, it's nice to learn what inspired you when you speak about muscular chest *wiggling eyebrows!*
    My dream guy would be a mix of Barrons from Karen Marie Moning series and a vampire from the BDB by J.R. Ward. Or just a sexy Highlander O.O
    Alien male gives something different from the usual ''paranormal creature'' as vampire, werewolf, fae, so I love to read about them once in a while!!! Thanks for this chance, I follow the rest of the blog tour :D

    Proserpine @ Proserpine Craving Books

  3. He has to be sexy, strong, smart, and can be romantic. I love the cover and the blurb sounds great.

  4. Nice review and I do love the very sexy writing of Myra Nour! This has become my fave review site too! Wonderful graphics, HOT and SEXY!

    Signed... Wicked Leanore (Believer that Redheads Write It Hotter) LOL

  5. Great post, Myra. So nice to find out more about you

  6. I really enjoyed this post. I think my dream guy is probably out of this world.