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Guest Post/Review Friday Night Hookup with Ingrid Michaels

Happy Friday everyone! Today Ingrid Michaels is stopping by to share short, steamy story with her characters from Friday Night Hookup. Enjoy and make sure you sign up to win a copy of the book. :)

Hi everyone!

Thank you, Crystal, for inviting me to guest blog today! Since April 27th is Tell A Story Day, I thought I'd share with you a brand new original Maggie and Jake short. As some of you may already know, Maggie and Jake are the frisky characters in Friday Night Hookup, my contemporary sensual romance – which just happens to be reviewed by Crystal! She's so sweet!

Content warning: This story has a few flames of heat to it.

* * *
Office Hookup

Maggie walked into Jake's office, surprised not to find her stocky husband working at his desk.

"Jake?" she called out. She could smell his spicy aftershave, and he'd left his suit jacket draped on the back of his desk chair. She glanced around: he occupied a spacious corner office but there weren't many places for him to hide.

"Ah…" Maggie whispered, spying the large desk. She tiptoed to it, her pulse racing. She held her breath as she wheeled the chair away to reveal the obvious hiding spot, prepared to shriek the instant he would jump up and scare her…


Weird. His email said to meet him at eleven. According to the clock on the wall it was already a few minutes past. And his assistant, Jacinta, had waved her right in, as if she, too, expected her boss to be in the office.

Resolved to a course of action, Maggie strode to the door, gently closed it, and began to undo some buttons. She removed her blouse and the lacy white bra. She wore a comfortable aquamarine skirt, Jake's favorite; as she stepped out of it she cast a rueful glance at her underwear. Jake's email had also requested she wear what he called "the holy panties", the sheer fabric pair, torn in the intimate spots where he had chewed through the material. She shivered at the memory: his head between her legs, her hands running through his salt and pepper hair, pushing his face into her...

Voices outside the door surprised Maggie and she held her runaway breath. With a shaking hand she gripped the waistband of her underwear and listened, half-expecting the door to open, exposing her, subjecting her to public embarrassment. What excuse could she possibly offer to explain why she stood around, nearly naked in high heels, in her husband's office?

The voices receded and she decided to keep the underwear on. The air-conditioning cooled the sweat on her skin, hardening the nipples to tiny nubs. She would give Jake another ten minutes. If he didn't show up by then, she'd get dressed and get the hell out of there.

She picked up Jake's Mont Blanc pen off his desk and returned to her post by the door.

Ten minutes later Maggie bit her lip hard enough to draw blood as she stifled another moan; she braced herself against the wall and came once again, her fourth orgasm in the last three minutes. When it appeared that Jake wouldn't be returning to his office, and she was already naked... she'd come up with a diversion of her own.

Maggie sighed as the last spasm shook her body, weakening her legs even further.

Temporarily sated, she retrieved Jake's sleek pen from between her legs. She brought the glistening object up; smelled it. Perfect! Maggie returned to his desk and cleared a space by shoving a mountain of papers aside. She lay the pen down on the blotter, smiling with satisfaction when her dripping juices dotted the green felt.

Humming a jazzy tune, she opened a desk drawer, removed her wet panties, and dropped them in. Then she retrieved her clothes, dressed, and left his office.

"Got tired of waiting?" the raven-haired assistant asked.


"I don't know what could've happened to him. We we're talking right before you showed up."

"Weird!" agreed Maggie, realizing Jake had manipulated her, somehow. Had he been somewhere nearby, watching her, jerking off? She began to think that maybe she hadn't been completely alone in his office after all.

"Do you want to leave him a message?" Jacinta asked, pen poised and ready.

"Nope." No need. Jake would see the pen, the stains, and maybe he'd discover the panties. Then he would run home to her, holding his dick in his hands.

And then Maggie would decide what their next hookup would be.

* * *
Phew! I hope you all enjoyed the short story! Don't forget Maggie and Jake share a few more hookups in my sensual Friday Night Hookup (

Thanks again, Crystal, for giving me this opportunity to connect with readers and for letting me share this story on Tell A Story Day!

I had a great time, once again, and I hope you'll invite me back. J


When Jake shows up for his weekly Friday night hookup with his wife, he can't believe the seedy country and western bar Maggie has chosen for their role-playing.

Maggie is secretly thrilled with her choice, that is, until Jake changes the rules and starts to play games within the game. But she can play games, too. After Maggie flirts with Cody, a cowboy who takes an interest in what she has to offer, the stakes for this Friday Night Hookup might be too high for her to handle.


This steamy book was definitely worth the read. Maggie and Jake have been married for a bit and like any couple that gets comfortable with each other, their heat in the bedroom has dwindled from what they used to be. Maggie made up a weekly game that every Friday night, her and Jake would meet up at a certain destination of Maggie's choosing for a little role-playing. This Friday, Maggie picks a dive country western bar. Wanting to surprise Jake, she dyes her blonde hair black and cuts it short for a younger look. But when Jake starts switching up things himself, Maggie must get him back on track so they can get on with a night of hot lovin'. ;)

It's Friday and Jake can't think of anything other than where him and Maggie will be meeting later. When he gets her message telling him where. He is not sure why she wants to go to a seedy bar in the middle of nowhere. Finally spotting Maggie with a sexy new look, he figures why can't he switch up a few things too? But when things get a little out of hand, will it damper his relationship with Maggie or cement everything they have?

I really like the back and forth between Maggie and Jake. It's really refreshing to read a story about a couple that is already married and finding different ways to keep their relationship fresh and vibrant. With creative ideas, we are shown that just because your marriage wasn't what it used to be, it can become something different and ultimately even better.


New twist on love that keeps you reading until the very, last, kiss. ;)

Whoo boy! If all couples were like this the divorce rate would be next to nothing! Gives me some ideas to spice my own marriage up. ;)

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