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Review: Sleight of Hand by Kate Kelly

Sleight of Hand
By Kate Kelly
Published September 5, 2011
Courtesy of Author

Chance Spencer, doesn’t steal. Not any more. Suddenly suspected of stealing half a million dollars of art work, he can’t afford to have the FBI delving into his covert past. Chance coerces the real thief’s daughter, Sarah O’Sullivan, into helping him flush her wily father out of hiding. But his plan quickly deteriorates when he falls in love with his enemy's daughter.


You know what I loved the most about this story? The characters we extremely believable. Take Sarah for example, she has a father who worked all the time and even though she knew he loved her, it wasn't enough and between that and her family, it left her feeling insecure. I also loved that she was willing to step up and try to protect Chance when the time came about. She is the perfect combo that makes me love her character.

Let's not forget about the mysterious Chance. Throughout the book you have your suspicions about his past but then you look at his attributes and think, no, he couldn't have done that. Calculating, sexy, mysterious, and protective, Chance throws off 'bang me now' like you wouldn't believe. Well, I guess that was the vibe I was getting from him. Everything about him made me want to make him mine. Even after we find out he deepest secret, I felt he was still a great male. My question is, why do men always try to fight what they are feeling? Like how freaked he was when he found Sarah in a compromising situation. You could tell that he cared deeply about her and made sure to take good care of her but would turn around and basically tell her he was not the settling down type. Men. *throws hands in the air* At least they usually come around at the end. :)


Great addition to my bookshelf! :)

I wish I was Sarah! Girl was one lucky woman. *dreamy sigh*

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