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Great Day with a Few of my Favorite Authors!

I had a really great day today. My mother and I went up to Charlottesville, VA to see a panel of authors, which included two of my favs: Pamela Palmer and Kerrelyn Sparks. XD I was really stoked to be going up there in the first place and everyone was given an awesome surprise. The moderator told us that the publisher, Avon, was nice enough to let Kerrelyn sell some advanced copies of her next book Wanted: Undead or Alive which comes out March 27th. I turned to my mom with bug eyes and said "F@ck yes!" So I have a couple pictures of Pamela and Kerrelyn and the swag I got with Kerrelyn's books. :)

I'm not sure who the woman is in the middle but Pamela Palmer is on the left and Kerrelyn Sparks is on the right. :)
Me and Kerrelyn Sparks!! She is such a sweetheart. :)

I got 2 bookmarks and a postcard thing (Lol) and my advanced copy of Wanted: Undead or Alive. :)
I do have to say that the other two authors there were great. Katherine Ashe was a doll and Cathy Maxwell was a hoot! My mom got both their books so I will be reading their reads soon. :)

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