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Dirty Dailies


A bunch of guys were sitting around the break room talking about sex and women of course and in comes Joe Schmo. One guy says to the other guys, "Man I just don’t understand it. That guy Joe is just an average ordinary looking guy who doesn’t have a lot of money and he gets all the women he wants with the snap of his fingers." "What the hell does he got that I haven't got?” And this other guy who is an old timer and has been around awhile looks at the guy and says, "Son let me ask you a question. When you go to the bathroom and you get done whizzing, do you shake your penis with your hand to get off the excess urine?" And the other guy is kind of puzzled but he says "Well yeah. Of course I do." "But what does that have to do with Joe getting all the women?" The old timer looks him in the eye and says "Well son, Ol' Joe over there when he gets done taking a piss, he doesn't shake it, He Kicks It!"


  1. LMAO this post is hilarious! Hey thanks for joining our BDB blog hop, looking at all the sexy men here we're looking forward to seeing your celebration. XOXO