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Quinn's Quest by N.J. Walters

Quinn's Quest
(Legacy #4)
By N.J. Walters
eBook, 250 pages
ISBN: 9781609287207
Published February 21, 2012

He can give her anything and everything she needs-except a future.

"Legacy, Book 4"

Kidnapped and held in a crazy doctor's underground laboratory, Bethany Morris only manages to escape because Chrissten, one of her fellow abductees, creates an opportunity-by shifting into a werewolf.

Bethany's desperate for help, but who'll believe her story? The police? That'll just buy her a one-way ticket to a padded room-because here's the kicker: she's discovered she's a half-breed werewolf. Her only hope is to find Chrissten's brother.

Quinn Lawton's long, grinding search for his missing twin has turned up nothing...until Bethany rekindles his hope. Something else catches flame too-her heat cycle and a searing attraction branded with the word "mate." Yet with so much blood on his hands, any future he might offer is already tainted beyond redemption.

Desperate for Quinn's touch alone, Bethany has no choice but to take Quinn up on his offer to quell her terrifying need, no strings attached. And hope that as the search for Chrissten intensifies, the battle with their personal demons doesn't destroy their razor-thin chance at forever.

Warning: This book contains heartbreak and love found, a crazy scientist and his werewolf flunky and a tortured werewolf hero. Plus lots and lots of steamy hot sex.


I feel like I was waiting forever for this book to come out. Yesterday while roaming around on the Facebook, I was stalking looking at N.J. Walters' posts and saw that Quinn's Quest was released the day before and I didn't pre-order it! *gasp* I went right on and purchased it to my faithful Kindle (my second one in under 18 months because I burnt the other one out from reading so much. Lol.) and got to reading that day. I just finished it this morning and generally I don't write reviews right after I read books but I felt I just had to get down everything I was feeling with this book.

We were introduced to Quinn in the previous book, Legacy Found. Not exactly knowing if he was on the up and up, we found that he was a good person with a determination to do anything to find his twin sister Chrissten. In Quinn's Quest, we get a more in depth look at sexy beast (pun intended) he really is. Fully blaming himself for Chrissten's kidnapping, he feels it is up to him to get her back. After looking so long and not finding anything, he turns to the Haven pack that has graciously offered to help. It is all going well when Damek (the creepy ass vampire) agrees to help in the search, until he gets a early morning phone call from someone claiming to see his sister alive. He can't help but feel some of the hope that was extinguished come racing to the forefront. And that's not all that's at the forefront. One look at the woman who called and the only thing he can think of is to mark her as his own.

Bethany narrowly escaped her kidnappers. Determined to help rescue the woman, Chrissten, who was kidnapped before she was picked up, she calls Chrissten's twin brother, Quinn for help. At the sound of his voice on the phone, she can't help but feel a strange pull towards him. Shaking the feeling off, she tells him she wants to meet him to talk about his sister. Agreeing upon Haven, her taxi pulls up and she is floored with the presence that is Quinn. She has never been extremely attracted to men but the one in front of her has her thinking she was completely wrong. Bethany fights her attraction to Quinn and tells them everything she knows. Not feeling comfortable with all the huge, brooding men around her, she instinctively stays close to Quinn. Little does she know how close they will become.

My only pet peeve was that the story is basically continued onto the next book, Finding Chrissten, with Chrissten and Hank as the couple coming together. I know that isn't a bad thing necessarily but I am impatient! Lol! I want more sexy werewolves. :( I guess I will just have to put my big girl pants on a deal with it.


LOVED Quinn and Bethany. I love the whole caveman "mine" thing.

Sexy! Of course this is coming from one of my fav authors when it comes to the sex scenes. :)

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