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Guest Post & Giveaway: Jaye Frances

Thank you, Crystal, for hosting me on Redheads Review It Better today. I really appreciate the opportunity to talk about The Kure,and to let your readers know about my “Resolve To Read” promotion going on right now through Amazon.

Here’s a little bit about the story: With a ravaging disease invading his body, John Tyler, a young man living in post-civil war Kentucky, faces a barbaric and disfiguring treatment at the hands of the village doctor. In his desperate search for an alternative remedy, John learns of a dark and forbidden book called the Kure. And while the ancient manuscript offers the promise of redemption, it comes with a fiendish price – the compromise of a female virgin on her 18th birthday.

Although he searches for, and finds a suitable young woman—Sarah Sheridan— to perform the perverse ritual, he confesses that he could never have asked her to participate in the indecent rite—because he has fallen in love with her. Now he fears without the use of the Kure, he must endure the doctor’s brutal remedy, which will leave him physically incapable of expressing his passion for Sarah, and end their future chances at building a life together.

In the following excerpt, John receives an unexpected visit from Sarah after telling her about the Kure. Confused and cautious, he believes she has come to warn him that he is about to be punished for his initially dubious intentions toward her.

Here’s an excerpt:

Without warning, the horse pulled up short, its iron shoes clipping the stone-hard ground as the animal came to a stop.

John waited in the hushed silence, his confusion unraveling into pressing anxiety as a rushing cloud of dry dust pecked at his bedroom window.

 In seconds, quick percussive footsteps thumped outside on the wooden porch. A rush of adrenalin-laced fear surged through John’s veins. Without thinking, he sprang from the bed. As his feet hit the floor, bone-wrenching pain snapped him over, taking him to his knees.

The very framework of the house shuddered as the front door took the slamming jolt of someone running much too fast to stop. With the wall-hung mirror still rattling from the impact of the would-be intruder, John struggled to stand.

He was a dozen steps from the door when it was struck again, this time not as hard, but more intentional—a fist hammering for attention.

Cracking open the front shutters, he peered between the slats, then jerked back in surprise as a clenched hand ratcheted forward, striking a disconnected blow that bounced the solid pine door on its hinges.

“John, get up! Let me in!”

Although the voice was sharp and frantic, he recognized it immediately. He pulled back the metal bolt and yanked on the handle.


He wanted to believe it—Sarah was standing there on his porch, wide-eyed and breathless. But he cautioned himself, concerned that her presence could be a devious illusion, a result of the progressing disease.

“John,” she whispered as she leaned forward, her trembling fingers finding his shoulder.

Her touch was real!

Behind her and a few feet from the porch, her small Palomino stood ground-tied and fretting, noisily stomping the hard earth.

“Sarah! What’s wrong?”

He was already certain of her answer. She had come to warn him. To tell him that her father was in close pursuit, a raging madman bent on dealing with him as he would with anyone who had purposely deceived his daughter. John waited for her to confirm the worst.

Without answering, Sarah stepped inside, moving into the protection of the house.

Suddenly self-conscious, John reached for his jacket, hanging ready by the entrance. He pulled it on, partially covering his coarse-knit underclothes.

“Over there,” he said, pointing to a well-used dining table near the kitchen. “We can sit.”

Sarah nodded. The sounds of brushing fabric and her quick shallow breathing filled the room.

Yesterday, she had been a willowy dream, floating in a light cotton dress, her presence so desirably feminine, she appeared born to fine lace and silk. This morning, sleek denim covered her like a second skin, revealing every exquisite detail of her figure. Her cheeks were flushed from the ride, and her hair was swept back into a single perfect braid, leaving tiny wisps of gold to frame her face. Her eyes sang bright with sparkling blue hope, and her chest heaved full as she took in the air.

For the first time, John allowed his thoughts to entertain what his body could not possibly accomplish. Gazing ravenously at her rounded bottom, he could easily—finally—admit it: He wanted to pull her close. He wanted her naked. He wanted to trace every curve, every soft crevice with his fingertips.

Here’s a brief synopsis:

John Tyler, a young man in his early twenties, awakens to find a ghastly affliction taking over his body. When the village doctor offers the conventional, and potentially disfiguring, treatment as the only cure, John tenaciously convinces the doctor to reveal an alternative remedy—a forbidden ritual contained within an ancient manuscript called the Kure.

Although initially rejecting the vile and sinister rite, John realizes, too late, that the ritual is more than a faded promise scrawled on a page of crumbling paper. And as cure quickly becomes curse, the demonic text unleashes a dark power that drives him to consider the unthinkable—a depraved and wicked act requiring the corruption of an innocent soul.

Ultimately, John must choose between his desperate need to arrest the plague that is destroying his body, and the virtue of the woman he loves, knowing the wrong decision could cost him his life.

               For a limited time, read “The Kure” for only $.99 (kindle version)

I always spend the last few days of December reviewing my writing plan for the coming year—to determine what’s going to receive priority and how I will budget my time to make sure I get it done. During one of those planning sessions, I noticed my husband was also putting a few goals together for the new year. When I asked him to tell me about his “resolutions,” he said that one of them was to read more, especially books that fall outside his favorite genres, “just to see what else is out there.” We began to talk about how many more people are now reading books of all kinds, primarily due to increased availability and choice of low-cost eBooks for the kindle and nook. I often see comments from readers who decided to try a particular author’s work because it was ninety-nine cents, or in some cases, free. Then my husband asked an interesting question: “Why don’t you offer some kind of promotion to encourage more people to read The Kure, with the idea that they’ll be more inclined to read the book if you temporarily lower the price?” I really had to think about this one, but after realizing it might motivate a few more folks who are not familiar with The Kure to take a look, I decided to do it. I’m calling it “Resolve To Read”, and it’s going on right now. The kindle version of The Kure can be purchased for ninety-nine cents on Amazon. So if you were planning on buying a kindle version anyway, why not take advantage of the “Resolve To Read” promotion and save two bucks?

About the Author:

Jaye Frances was born in the Midwest and grew up surrounded by traditional values and conservative attitudes (which she quickly discarded). She readily admits that her life’s destination has been the result of an open mind and a curiosity about all things irreverent, and she invites visitors to her website with a friendly caveat: “Be forewarned, my life has not followed the traditional path of homemaker, wife, and mother.” When she’s not consumed by her writing, Jaye enjoys cooking, traveling to all places tropical and “beachy” and taking pictures—lots of pictures—many of which wind up on her website. She lives on the central gulf coast of Florida, sharing her home with one husband, six computers, four cameras, and several hundred pairs of shoes.

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  3. I have never read a book even simular to The Kure. This sounds too interesting to pass up!