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Dirty Dailies


One day in school, teacher asks her students to tell her what part of the body gets to heaven first. Little Janie raises her hand and replies "Teacher, I know, I know, the first part of the body to get to heaven first is your mind, because of the understanding of the Bible.” Teachers says "Good Janie anyone else?" Bobby raises his hand and says "The first part to get into heaven is your heart, because of the love for everyone else, and the love of God." Teacher says "Good Bobby, anyone else?" Dirty Ernie raises his hand and replies "Teacher its your feet!" The teacher, looking very dumbfounded asks Ernie to explain. Ernie says "The other night I got up from bed to go get a drink of milk, when out of mommy and daddy's room I heard a commotion. I peeked through the door, daddy was on top of mommy, with mommy's feet stuck straight up in the air, mommy was yelling "oh God I’m coming, I’m coming!" and you know what I think? She would've probably be gone if daddy wasn’t holding her down!"

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