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Celtic Storms by Delaney Rhodes

Celtic Storms
Celtic Steel #1
By Delaney Rhodes
Published February 2, 2012
Courtesy of Author

Darina O'Malley watched the sun set in the bay from the great tower in O'Malley castle - saying a silent prayer for her cousin Kyra and hoping the message that was delivered to the MacCahan's did not spell sudden doom for her and her people. If what her Uncle Ruarc had told her was true, she was to be married to a stranger in nearly a fort night and her world would turn upside down.

The realization that her clan held secrets which could destroy them forever chilled her blood. Who was this son of a Laird she was betrothed to and how would he react when he learned the truth?


First off...can I say the male cover model has a smokin' chest? Yum! Mind out of the gutter.

Darina is a strong female in a world full of headstrong males. Of course, her and the other women in her clan are taught from a young age that they can do most of what men can do and more. But after Darina's father passes, her world is turned upside down. Her Uncle Ruarc informs her that she will be married to a complete stranger from another clan.

Patrick MacCahan can't understand why he was the one to be chosen to be married to a woman from the O'Malley clan. No one wants a simple black smith with a speech issue. What he doesn't know and comes to realize is the respect people have for him. On top of respect, Patrick also learns of a dark secret that has been kept from the O'Malley clan for years that will determine the start of a war from another clan. Oh the drama!

I LOVED this book so much. I read it in less than twenty-four hours. I loved all the dialog with the characters and the settings were to die for. All around this was a great read. I will let you know though that it does end at a part that made me scream "NOOOOOOOOO!" out loud that scared my kids. Lol. I didn't want it to end and I definitely can't wait for the second installment. :)


LOVED this book! Really can't wait for the second in the series.

There wasn't too much going on but the few small teases we got were hot! ;)

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