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Assume the Position by T.C. Lee

Assume the Position
By T.C. Lee
Published December 20, 2011
Courtesy of Me, Myself, and I

Regan Taylor is already heading toward a date she’d rather not entertain. She thinks her night can’t get any worse, until blue lights illuminate the night behind her, and the strong, commanding voice at her window strikes a nerve she didn’t know was there.

Officer Alex Shaw is amused when the innocent brown-eyed woman staring up at him starts to argue at his accusations; she awakens a part of him that he has kept locked away. Despite his haunting past, pieces of his dominate side peek out, and he lets her go with a warning not to speed through his zone again.

When sparks fly between them, Regan sets out on a mission of self-discovery, but soon finds out the intense desire Alex brings out in her, leaves him cold. Can Alex overcome his past and act on his dark desires with her, or is it too late?


I originally came across this book from a someone I follow on Twitter. She was reading this book and tweeted a rather interesting sentence that took off in a hilarious conversation between about seven of us. I decided I would give the book a try. 

All in all, it was a decent book. The plot was definitely interesting. Lol. (Read it and see because I am soooo not giving it away) It had some scenes that I really thought were played out well for the story. You know what? This review is a little difficult to write because I don't want to give away any of the good parts so I am just going to cut the the best part of the book. Sex. It was smokin! I'm surprised I didn't catch my Kindle on fire some of those scenes got so hot. I loved it! ;)


I enjoyed it all in all but feel like there could have been a few things added to make it a little better.

Hot! Hot! Hot! I will absolutely admit that I bought the book based on the dirty conversation I had over Twitter. Lol!

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