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Can't Help Falling in Love by Bella Andre

Can't Help Falling in Love
(The Sullivans Book 3)
By Bella Andre
Published December 11, 2011
Courtesy of Author

He ran into a burning building to save a mother and daughter...and ended up falling in love.

Gabe Sullivan risks his life every day as a firefighter in San Francisco. But after learning a brutal lesson about professional boundaries, he knows better than to risk his heart to one of his fire victims ever again.

After Gabe saves Megan Harris and her seven-year-old daughter from a deadly apartment fire, Megan knows she owes the heroic firefighter everything. Everything except her heart. Because after losing her navy pilot husband five years ago, she has vowed to never suffer through loving - and losing - a man with a dangerous job again.

Only, when Megan and Gabe meet again and uncontrollable flames of desire ignite between them, how can he possibly ignore her courage, determination, and beauty? And how can she deny not only his strong bond with her daughter.but the way his sweetly sensual kisses are challenging her to risk everything she's been guarding for so long?

This winter, if one - or both - of them aren't careful, they just might end up falling in love.


Gabe was working a routine fire at an apartment complex when the older couple he is helping tells him a woman and her child are still in the apartment across from theirs. Not thinking twice, he and another firefighter rush in and rescue them. When he first found them and saw Megan, the first thing that came to mind was she was good looking. Waking himself up from that thought, he was able to help them get down and out the building but because he was caught up with his instant connection with her, he gets hurt.

Feeling so gracious that Gabe got her and her daughter, Summer, out of their burning apartment building, she wants to thank him for his daring rescue. But she finds out he's in the hospital because of head injury. Feeling like she could have done more on her part to prevent his injury, she and Summer go visit him in the hospital and is stopped in her tracks by how gorgeous he is. And it's not just that. There is an instantaneous connection that she can tell he feels too.

When things heat up between the two, Megan is afraid of her and her daughter getting hurt again and is continuously pushing Gabe away. But Gabe always get what he wants and he wants Megan.

This book was full of heat and passion. First in this series that I have read, I fell in love with the main characters and even the sub-characters. It was written so well that at one point I was so into it that when I was listening to it on my Kindle, I was yelling at Megan to stop being an idiot. Lol! I get that she doesn't want to get hurt again and has to think about Summer's feelings too but she really could have taken the blinders off sooner rather than later! Ah! Once in a while I come across a character (usually the female for some reason) that I just want to reach through the pages and shake some sense into her. How could she not have seen how great a catch Gabe was?

Alright, stop laughing at how involved in this story I seem to be. :) I'm just hoping that the fourth book in the series gets me just as emotionally invested as this one. Cheers to Bella for a great story! Keep 'em coming!


Beware! You will get attached to the characters. Especially a delectable firefighter.

Just like the fire in the story, it's full of heat!

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