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Kiss Me Crazy Blog Tour - Review & Teaser

I was so excited when Ednah Walters sent me this book. My husband had the package in his hand and asked who I knew from Utah. I took the package and looked at the name and then proceeded to rip open the package open while squealing and jumping up and down like a little girl. I told my husband what it was and he just shook his head with the men's universal look of "women" on his face. Husbands, they just don't understand. :)

Ok, so down to business. I have previously read the first two of the Fitzgerald series and loved them so I was really looking forward to reading the third. I definitely was not disappointed. I liked Baron from the previous books and was looking forward to his story. He seemed like a quiet reserved person but you could just see that he had more if you dug a little deeper. I loved the person he turned out to be. Shoot, I was in love with him by the end of the book myself. I love a man that is a mystery that I have to unwrap.

I loved Kara. That poor woman had it bad for her boss but couldn't do anything about it. The logical thing to do with that situation, get out of it. So that's what she does or at least tries to do. She keeps running into a very tantalizing roadblock also known as Baron, her boss. After five years of working with him, he does a 180 and pursues her full force. Kara has no clue what is going on. Other then the one time they kissed years ago, Baron never showed any signals that he was remotely interested. Of course it doesn't take long before she starts to fall completely head over heals for Baron. But as always, there are twists that test their relationship that makes the story all the more better. 

If you haven't read any of Ednah Walters' books, you need to go out right now or hop on your computer and order them. They are spectacular! 


     "I just can't pack up and leave. I'm still trying to negotiate a deal for my office space and...and..." Tessie chose that moment to leave the comfort of the couch and walk to her side. "My cat. Who'd take care of her? She's so high maintenance." God, that was lame even for her. The indulgent smile that lifted the corner of Baron's mouth as he studied her confirmed it.
     "You know, they have a fax and e-mail access at the house, so communicating with your realtor of bank shouldn't be and issue. As for Tessie, bring her with us or have my sister Jade look after her. She loves animals."
     He has and answer to everything, damn it. Why couldn't he see this was a terrible idea? "It won't work."
     She didn't realize she'd spoken aloud until he said, "What won't work?"
     She glowered at this chest, too rattled to think up any more excuses. "Everything."
     Next thing she knew, Baron stood a breath away from her, lifting up her chin, looking at her hungrily. Her senses went into hyper-drive. The rich aroma of Chinese food mingled with the intoxicating scent of the gorgeous man standing in front to her. She opened her mouth to object to his ruthless invasion of her space, but he silenced her with his next words.
     "You're scared. I understand." His voice, smoky, late night seduction, caressed her nerves.
     "Scared?" Kara tried to step back but was trapped by the L shaped counter. So she attempted to laugh off his comment. "Of what?"
     "This," he said and covered her mouth with his.
     Her first thought was to protest. She's expected and invasion of her senses, tongue and teeth at full throttle. Instead she got little licks and nips, his tongue running over her lower, fuller lip, teasing, tasting. The gentle kisses had her closing her eyes and sighing with pleasure, evaporating any thought of protest. He was deliciously intoxicating, his lips soft yet hot, his taste a mixture of red wine and forbidden pleasure.
     "You taste so good," he murmured.
     If he'd set out to reduce her to a whimpering idiot, he's succeeded. Kara couldn't string a thought, let along a sentence. A wildness brought by years of unrequited passion surged through her. She lifter her hand to his cheek, held his head still, and asked for more.
     Baron responded, sliding a hand under her hair to cup her neck and deepening the kiss. Her hands fluttered to his chest, bunched his shirt, and pulled him closer. She was so starved for him it shocked her. She wrenched her mouth away, but he blazed a path along her jawline, down her neck, drowning her in sensations all the way to her shoulder. Kara shuddered, her head thundering so hard she was sure he could hear it.
     "Wait," she said, gripping his head and wiggling some inches between his mouth and her skin. "Please."
     "Why?" He turned those dreamy blue eyes on her hapless self. The air between them, steaming and dense, vibrated with unfulfilled desire.
     Kara looked away. What was she thinking? Kissing him like she couldn't have enough of him? Touching him like she had a right to? Even now, her body craved his, her head filling with images of the two of them naked, and having a, I will not go there. She yanked her thoughts to the present, to a situation she should have nipped before it got this far.
     "We shouldn't be doing this. I work for you. There's a policy against--"
     "To hell with the policy," he ground out. He must have felt her flinch because he stepped back and rubbed his nape. "There's something between us, Kara. I felt it from the very first day we met. Five years later, it's still there, only stronger." His voice was soft and calm, soothing as though he expected her to bolt. "You can't deny it."
     Yes, she could. Baron was wrong for her on so many levels. He was commitment phobic, her boss, had a new girlfriend according to Gena, and...was the best darn kisser she'd ever locked lips with. Kara shook her head. I must be jinxed to lust after this man. The one ting she couldn't deny was ow much she wanted him, not after the way she'd kissed him.
     She shook her head. "No, I can't, but we can't always have what we want."
     "Why not, when it's within your reach?" He ran a finger along the neckline of her T-shirt, leaving a heated trail in its wake.
     She brushed his hand and ducked past him, putting as much space between them as possible. Once the counter was between them, she turned and face him. "I really think--"
     "That's your problem, Kara. You think too much."
     She bristled at his tone. "At least it stops me from making mistakes."
     "Point taken." He propped his elbows on the counter and leaned closer, sexual energy pulsing from him. "How about this? Give me the time in Idaho to show prove to you that what we have is not a mistake."
     She must have misunderstood him. "Are you asking me to have an affair with you?"



Ednah Walters grew up reading Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys and dreaming of one day writing her own stories. She finished her PhD in chemistry, married the love of her life, and decided to be a stay-at-home mother. She now lives in a picturesque valley in Utah with her husband, five children and two American short-hair cats. When she is not writing, you can find her doing things with her family, reading, or traveling, online chatting with fans.

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