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The Heart of a Killer by Jaci Burton

The Heart of a Killer
By Jaci Burton
409 pages
Published October 18, 2011
ISBN 9780778312598
Courtesy of Harlequin

No one said coming home would be easy. But for Dante Renaldi, it's murder.

Before the Special Forces hero has even unpacked his bags from twelve years of active duty, he's embroiled in murder-corpses bearing the brutal trademark he's seen only once before-on the worst night of his life.

The last time Detective Anna Pallino saw Dante Renaldi, they were in love. Now, he's part of the connection to a string of fresh homicides and a horrible assault that Anna only survived thanks to him.

More than anything, Anna wants to trust Dante. But as the bodies and the coincidences stack up, Anna will have to decide, and fast: Is the man she owes her life to the very same on who wants her dead?


I just want to start off by saying I loved this book. I am a fan of her Play-by-Play series and knew that this book was going to be great. She did not let me down one bit.

After being away for twelve years after a horrible incident happened to Anna, Dante is back after his foster mother asked him to come celebrate her and her husband's wedding anniversary. Before he had time to go to his hotel, he got a call from his foster mother, saying her husband has been missing for hours which was very unlike him. Dante, being in the Special Forces, was able to look up his foster father's phone GPS. What they found was his dead body beaten with a heart carved into his skin where his heart is, just like Anna. Now, Dante must stay longer than planned to find who killed the person who was like a father to him.

I loved Dante's character and who wouldn't? He's strong, mysterious, and sexy. Yes he came back for his foster mother but he also came back to see his ex-girlfriend Anna. It's been twelve years since he has seen her and he wanted to know how she has become after all this time. Fully expecting her to be married with a couple of kids by now, he wasn't prepared to look up from his foster father's dead body to see she is the detective working his case. Grown up sexiness and a tough as nails attitude, Dante falls for her all over again.

Anna is shocked to find Dante standing in her crime scene. She didn't know he was back and for how long. She wasn't prepared for the rush she feels when seeing him again after he he left without telling her after the horrible night twelve years ago that left her with a heart shaped scar. Now she has to figure out if he is the killer or this just happened because he was home after all this time.

There isn't too much more I want to say about the book because I don't want to give anything away. It was such a great book with a couple twists I didn't see coming. The biggest one had me reading with my mouth hanging open. I couldn't read this quick enough. It was such a great read. I can't wait to see if Jaci comes out with another in this series!


Absolutely loved it! One of my favorite authors that never disappoints.

Spicy, sexy, smokin! Had me fanning myself.

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