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One Brave Cowboy by Kathleen Eagle

One Brave Cowboy
By Kathleen Eagle
224 pages
Published September 20, 2011
Courtesy of Publisher


Behind the bravado was a complex man. War hero. "Indian cowboy." Walking wounded in search of answers. Cougar needed to build a new life, and he'd start with what he loved most. Horses. Which brought him to the Double D Wilde Horse Sanctuary. And into the orbit of ranch volunteer Celia Banyon and her very special son.

The boy had suffered an unspeakable accident, and his mother felt unspeakable guilt. But something about Cougar brought her back from the brink. He represented her chance to be a woman again. Now, suddenly, one name wasn't enough for what they could have if they'd just let themselves. Healing. Love. Family. Forever. In fact, the possibilities were endless...


This was a great read. Cougar, I love the name, wanted to start over after being injured in the army. No longer feeling like he belongs at home, he finds himself at the Double D Ranch looking to work with horses. While pulling up to the Double D, something told him to stop the truck immediately. Grateful he listened to his intuition, he finds Mark, a little boy that doesn't seem to be able to hear or speak, face down in front of his truck. Seconds later, his mother Celia comes running out of the barn she was working in looking for her son. Much to his dismay, he feels an undeniable pull towards Celia. He thinks he's damaged goods, she thinks otherwise.

Poor Celia is having to deal with the guilt of an unfortunate accident that happened to her son Mark. Celia finds Cougar refreshing and can't get enough of him. He is very good for Mark and believes that he will get better on his own time. Not only was Cougar good for Mark, Mark was good for Cougar. Celia and Mark made Cougar realize he was still a good person even though he was a little damaged.

I loved how in this book it was basically strictly a love story. There was a little conflict with when you threw Celia's ex-husband into the mix but it was all in all it had a good love story to it. I find that there are not many of those books out there. It was very refreshing. I am going to have to find more by this author. :)


Good refreshing read

Some sweet lovin' going on

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