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Buckles Me Baby by D.D. Scott


When Audrey Holtz and Damian Baker take Raeve's belt buckles from Music City favorites to home shopping channel bestsellers, they are forced to face overnight fame. Orders and interview requests abound, but when Audrey learns she's pregnant with Damian's baby, so do morning sickness and mood swings. Can they handle the pressure of big business with a baby on the way, especially when they're suddenly dodging paparazzi hell?


It was a decent book. I did expect however there to be some romance to this story. Audrey and Damian were already a couple that finds themselves pregnant.

I did enjoy the story line because we got to see a little deeper into Audrey and Damian (well mainly Audrey). Apparently she was in hiding because her father laundered money from a lot of dangerous people that didn't believe she had anything to do with that. They had to leave Damian's house because her father and the paparzzi had found where she was hiding. They end up in Las Vegas which in my opinion is not a bad place to have to hide.

This story has some suspenseful moments that at least made up for the lack of romance. I would probably only recommend this book if you have read the first two in the series.

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