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Bring Me Home for Christmas by Robyn Carr

Coming October 25

This year, Becca Timm knows the number one item on her Christmas wish list: getting over Denny Cutler. three years ago Denny broke her heart before heading off to war. It's time she got over her silly college relationship and moved on.

So she takes matters into her won hands and heads up to Virgin River, the rugged little mountain town that Denny calls home, as an uninvited guest on her brother's men-only hunting weekend. But when an accident turns her impromptu visit into an extended stay, Becca finds herself stranded in Virgin River. With Denny. In very close quarters.

As the power of Christmas envelops the little town, Becca discovers that the boy she once loved has become a strong and confident man. And the most delicious Christmas present she can imagine.


I am absolutely in love with all of Robyn Carr's books including this one. I have been looking forward to Denny's books since I email Ms. Carr five months ago and she told me it was of him. She carved out a soft spot for guys in uniform (well it really made the hole bigger since I have a guy in a police uniform at home already ;D). I just truly enjoy reading her books.

I love Becca's character. Showing up randomly with her brother for a boys hunting trip is something I would so do. She knew that her heart belonged to her ex Denny, the love of her life. I'm glad she took a chance and followed her heart. It takes a brave person to know what they want and go for it.

Denny, Denny, Denny. I'm glad he realized he was an idiot about his split with Becca years before. Even though he was a bit rough to Becca when she showed up, I love his reaction. You could tell he still had feelings for her. I loved when they got back together. Their love to each other never left through the years. It give me hope for people to have that type of love.

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