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Stompin' On Stetsons by D.D. Scott


Pastry chef Jules Lichtenstein has agreed to cater the wedding of Nashville, Tennessee socialite and her country music, chart-topping beau in order to boost business for her new Music City bakery. But to be successful, she must work alongside the wedding planner from hell...her ex.

Meat n' Three diner heir and produce man Cody Weiss wants to help his friend Jules pull off Music City's wedding of the year, but she isn't the only one dealing with an ex-factor. The bride-to-be is Cody's ex-fiancee.

To get the job done, Jules and Cody must handle their exes and the heat sizzling in and out of the kitchen.


I enjoyed this book quite a bit. If you look past the corny cover, it was pretty good. The witty comments between the Cody and Jules. I also think Cody's pet name for Jules, JuJu Bee, is so freaking adorable. I wish my husband would be that cute.

I love how Cody knows Jules so well. He knows when she is stressed out and what she needs and offers his unyielding support. I also enjoyed how Jules tried to make Cody feel better about his insecurities about a certain body part he always tries to keep covered.

If you are looking for a light read this would be a good option. I think it can be read by itself or in the series. I am looking forward to to reading the next book. :)

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